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Cardi B - Various Singles and Second Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. I literally cackled. They initially hopped in my DMs saying I proved their point, and I swiftly shut that down.
  2. Kii at the timing of this video with her court case. Incredible.
  3. I think art has more of an impact on the mind than we like to give it credit for. And yes, I am uncomfortable with extreme violence in tv, movies, etc.

    Look, I'm not trying to be a jerk, I just think playing with the concepts of violence and murder (metaphorical or not) is dangerous. For example, a study came out that found a direct correlation between a 28% rise of suicides among teenagers and the release of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why.
  4. Lady Gaga didn't murder a diner full of people and drive off into the To Be Continued... to put up with this bullshit.
  5. The glorification of violence and the demonizing of sexuality, especially female sexuality, will always be major issues that need addressing, but they really don’t feel applicable to “Press,” in my opinion. I just believe Cardi intended to upload a stylish, buzzworthy visual that coincides with her legal troubles.
  6. I can't wait to see if TV channels censor this video to fuck or just refuse to play it nn
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  7. But hey yall do you remember when miss Katheryn Perry promoted cannibalism? Ah good old days.
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  8. It is not dangerous when put in context and handled with care! 13 Reasons Why did numerous things that a lot of professionals disagreed with and actually warned them not to do. Completely incongruent examples, and broaching a topic or using/doing something in art in of itself is not a negative.

    I called you out for virtue signaling because there is no intellectual basis for what you’re trying to say. It’s fine to be viscerally uncomfortable with violence in media, but stylistic or metaphorical use of something does NOT lead to the type of acting out or whatever you’re trying to claim. Western media does indeed have a problem with violence, we’ve had one for like 40 years, but lazy, empty criticism like that does nothing to push that forward.
  9. I’m sorry, but this logic is the same bullshit they tried to pull in the 90s with Marilyn Manson and Columbine. If you’re going to commit suicide or take a gun to a public space and kill people because of what you saw in a movie or played in a video game or heard in a song, then there are bigger problems that need addressing than censoring art. Adults want to blame everything but themselves for the state of the world when all art is doing is holding a mirror up to it.
  10. I never said anything about censoring.

    @mindtrappa, what is Cardi holding a mirror up to with this video?

    @DarkSacoura, my issue with mass murder is anything but empty.
  11. Okay, cool. I too dislike mass murder. What’s your point then?
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  12. It’s already been explained what she’s doing with the video. If you’re still too thick in the head to figure it out, then that’s on you.
  13. I can't believe this is where @MegynKelly is spending her unemployment.
  14. WOW that video i’m gobsmacked what a serve !!!
  15. It literally has not been explained.
  16. Uh...

    Pretty sure it has.
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  17. That's.. not an explanation of the meaning of the video. "Bodying them with her every move"? And I'm the one with the empty critique?
  18. Yes, you still are.
  19. Dumb, empty, uncultured... whatever you want to call it, but you seem to be the only one with the problem understanding anything in here.
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  20. Yeah, I guess so.
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