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Cardi B - Various Singles and Second Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. I think it’s best to just move on, you’re trying to make some point that definitely isn’t to be found here and is far deeper than the video intends to be/actually is.
  2. Ok, I will. I'm sorry if I offended anyone, that wasn't my intention. xx
  3. You didn’t offend anyone! No worries.
  4. What a video. Sis delivered!
  5. TV channels playing music videos?

    Is it 1997 again?

    Worst case she loses 124 streams to people to lazy to log into their YouTube accounts once a few prudes reported it.
  6. The video is ace but the song doesn't feel good enough or long enough to earn the treatment. Still, visuals. I'll take 'em.

    The white eyebrows look is feeuyusss
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  7. Forget wigs, she's coming to snatch nipples.
  8. A visual, fuck. She's 3/3 this era.
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  9. I agree with all your points re: Cardi B and the virtue signaling but it just needs to be said that 13 Reasons Why is actually incredibly dangerous and toxic and has been tied to a studied epidemiological phenomenon known as suicide contagion.

    I just wasn't sure if you were saying that all violence in art couldn't be criticized and felt the need to clarify that.
  10. I’m speaking purely about the media being used as a scapegoat for problems that run much deeper, problems that people turn a blind eye to and refuse to take responsibility for. Obviously there are exceptions to this as there is for most things. But the person I was responding to whipping out that report on 13RW over a Cardi B video was... questionable. It’s just not the same.
  11. See, this is why I was saying she seems to be a better pop star than rapper. Her lyrics in the song are a bit so so, but the visual feels like the work of a veteran.
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  12. Her videos are so good. She and Iggy should colaborate, just imagine the visuals.
  13. The video was actually worth the wait and one of the campest things I've seen in ages - those outfits !
  14. The black Iggy.
  15. The video has given the song a nice little bump, back up to #40 on iTunes and #34 on Apple Music. If it had been released with the song she'd have gotten an easy top 10.
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  16. Her best video. The nude choreography scenes are literally amazing, she has such an amazing eye for visuals. And I love the courtroom scenes, they are kinda hilarious and artistic at the same time (even though Bhad Bhabie already did that concept, Cardi did it better).

    I still think the song pops the fuck off too.
  17. RJF


    The video is a serve, the song remains... not.
  18. Funny because this is exactly what I do whenever I listen to Bartier Cardi.
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