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Cardi B - Various Singles and Second Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. She's dead right and should have dragged Jermaine to hell and back but glad she took the classy approach. Love that she gave other rap girls a platform like that.
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  2. New Reebok ad:

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  3. What the FKA twigs is going on?
  4. Cardi was forced to cancel her sold out show at Bankers Life Arena in Indianapolis tonight, a few hours before showtime. Someone called in a threat on the venue and Belcalis:

    I can only assume it was a Trumpster after her Bernie Video.
  5. Or a #MEGATRON
  7. I’m more interested in the tweet above that one talking about Crime Mob/Cardi/City Girls remake of Ladies Night than the potential Marshmello/Anne-MarzZzZ collab to be honest.

    While I’m at it they should all do a remix of Stilettos (Pumps), because of reasons.
  8. Cardi posted this after Nicki dragged her on the radio dddd

    The use of Mariah (someone else who Nicki is pressed by) is delicious shade. I live. Queens of #1 records which are hard to get, not everybody has that x
  9. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Remember when we were supposed to get an A No No Remix featuring Lil' Kim and Cardi... I suppose this is the next best thing ddd.
  10. The fact Nicki has spent the last week trying to bait Cardi by dragging her on the radio, liking tweets about her and following people that have come for Cardi on Instagram, and yet Cardi has sat unbothered and then used a Mariah meme to throw thick shade back without even needing to @ Miss Petty The Clown. The iconicness really jumped out.
  11. Cardi's post has such a strong Rihanna energy. We love to see it.
  12. [​IMG]
  13. I love the Roman Reloaded album cover.
  14. Never forget.

  15. Can't wait for all the "What's Cardi doing there she don't even write her own songs!1!11!" whilst she laughs collecting the cheque with her baby on a yacht in Boca.
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  16. Teriyaki 69 is selling everybody up the river today in court and signing his own death note. Of course he brings up Cardi:

    and of course Cardi and Atlantic are denying it:

    Anyone who really knows Cardi (fanbase wise) knows she’s not a real Blood but gets protection from the Bloods because her best friend Star is a Blood since childhood.
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