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Cardi B - WAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) and Second Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. It sounded like she was about to say she’s releasing something soon in a recent post, but she stopped and flipped it to “I’ve been busy”
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  2. This wait is like Madonna not releasing anything for a year after Like A Virgin smashed. What kind of madness.
  3. I’m a bit anxious about her new release because I feel like the “cool” factor has worn off on her a bit. I think she’s more of a Missy (visuals, beats) kind of artist than a Lil Kim/Nicki (bars) so I hope they push her to that direction.
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  4. The approach they're taking could go either way. They tried the "throw out a bunch of random singles/features to keep her name out there" and it resulted in diminishing returns; nothing post-Invasion of Privacy era really hit (though Money racked up very respectable streams). But Press, the single with Fat Joe, the single with Post Malone, the single with DJ Khaled, South of The Border, etc. all failed to make any real impact. So maybe stepping back for a while was the right move. If they're sitting on a massive single and solid record, I don't doubt that she'll do huge numbers again.

    My issue is that... I just don't think she's a great rapper. She had some great production and hooks on Invasion of Privacy, and singles like Bodack/I Like It were undeniable smashes. But she doesn't have Meg's cool factor or Nicki's talent, so I just wonder how they'll approach packaging the next album. I think @An Insider is spot-on that they need to really focus on big production and exciting visuals. Cardi is a big personality and clearly people love that. If they play to her strengths, she can have another huge era ahead of her.
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  5. Her run of great videos last era was truly great to see and kind of underrated.

    Her quality control in this department seems to be something she's really good at and enjoys, too, from her interviews about the Money music video. The Money and Press music videos in particular feel so early 2000s Missy with their very surreal quality. Not to mention, she also serves looks for days and high fashion much better than most of her contemporaries.
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  6. She inherently gets the spectacle required for pop (right down to throwing a shoe at her rival) so I have no doubt her return is going to be a capital m Moment.
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  7. New music is dropping imminently? Consider me perched!

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  8. I hope her comeback is a cover of PSB's Rent.
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  9. I hope her comeback is a cover of Destiny's Child "Apple Pie á la Mode" with raps for the verses.
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  10. I’m manifesting a song with Meg.
  11. And you're probably getting it. This guy has many connections in the rap industry. He's very reliable.
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  12. Yay! I’ve missed Cardi! I stopped checking after money, the singles just didn’t grab me at all. Money and all before were absolutely fantastic though. I think she’ll be able to deliver another knockout album.
  13. She looks unreal in that video.

    I’m so perched for a second album.
  14. Her plants are gorge.
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  15. I'd add that her performances were getting better and better. She's a beast on stage. Not everyone has that.
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  16. Yeah, I'm genuinely a little sad we're not going to get to see her eat a live performance like this for a while.
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