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Cardi B - WAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) and Second Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. Yeah why this multi-millionaire needs fans to pay $10 to see BTS footage? She'd still be making money by putting it up on youtube.
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  2. Cardi B making an OnlyFans is somehow a pretty good marketing move imo?

    But yeah, I'm surprised not more artists are charging fans for content or something. I feel like it's gonna be a thing at some point if live music doesn't resume next year or something.
  3. The way this song has all the insecure men losing their minds. We love to see it, don't we girls?
  4. Wont fans leak the content anyway?
  5. I think the OnlyFans thing is just a marketing gimmick, but I'd still like to know where the subscription money is going. It seems iffy to take money directly out of fans pockets for content that no one's paying for in the year 2020.
  6. Meh. Her using OnlyFans is just a (smart) modern gimmick, like having fans pay for VIP website access back in the day. I don't really see any issue with taking $ from fans who are willing to pay for the "content".
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  7. Genuinely excited for the WAP (feat. B-Shappz) edit.
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  8. Just came to say the same thing. Apart of me wonders if OnlyFans will become the 2020 version of fan-club based subscriptions that existed in decades previous but as someone as already stated, whatever content is uploaded will leak online within seconds. Fans have choice and agency as to whether or not they want to sign up so.. I don't feel bad or think she's morally corrupt for trying to make money.

    The song continues to grow on me. I genuinely think it's one of her best and Megan is the perfect sparring partner even though she clearly wins but I'm being positive. I think she's got a chance of scoring a UK number 1 at some point. It's top 5 on both Apple Music and Spotify here, it's top 10 in the mids as well.
  9. The US Spotify numbers are huge. Growing day-to-day and the gap to #2 is massive (over 1M). With radio jumping on quickly, this could be a multi-week #1. I really hope the record comes no later than October, but I guess a November/December release is more likely.
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  11. Elizabeth Warren has massive WAP energy. Hillary, on the other hand...
  12. Yeah, the Only Fans thing doesn’t bother me. It’s a modern fan club model. I think people forget that’s why it was initially launched, even if it’s become more synonymous with sex work. I definitely won’t be surprised to see more of this sort of thing as a way to keep making money for the music industry.
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  13. It is SO refreshing seeing a female artist buck the sophomore slump trend, particularly given the hatred and abuse Cardi gets.
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  14. I actually don’t see radio ever going fully onboard with this so it’s good that it’s slaying with streaming.
  15. Oh I always assumed those fan clubs from back in the day were free... Like what was the one Gaga had, the little monster house or whatever. Did people pay for that?
  16. My new Grindr bio:

  17. 8/10 could be improved by sampling Shapiro’s own recital of ‘whores in this house’.
  18. Ask, believe and receive:

  19. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    iMarkkeyz is a damn genius.

    The Coronavirus remix is still one of the best things I've heard in 2020.
  20. Having heard B*n Sh*piro say "I do a kegel when it's inside" and "spit in my mouth" has legitimately shaved years off my lifespan I could not afford to lose
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