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Cardi B - (...)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. She's bringing Lil Nas X as her plus one.
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  2. She mentioned she's not attending or performing, but that there will be a commercial airing (that's NOT about whip shots) during the awards announcing something that'll make us "very happy all week".
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  3. WIG
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  4. Single is called "Hot Shit"

  5. The video looks like it’s gonna be wild. Queen of visuals.
  6. Album announcement tomorrow?
  7. The song isn’t solo so it’s probably announcing the features?
  8. Either she got wind Beyoncé is doing something on Friday or she’s trolling. I feel like she would have said something by now if she were being legit.
  9. She unpinned the single announcement tweet from her profile which is very strange too.
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  10. Not the second announcement being a pushback. I can’t.
  11. So she confirmed that the single is still coming Friday, but without the video.
  12. Did she mention why?

  13. Label issues?
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  14. It's weird that this is happening given how perfect the rollout for WAP & Up were; having CD singles ready to ship, video out with the song, etc. This is what was happening with Money and Press, and it seemed like the issues were corrected.

    She also said this is a "masculine" song and not a TikTok song dd. I think she needs to stop reading comments and just drop an album of whatever she wants at this point.
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  16. Kanye? Really girl?
  17. Video delayed, "masculine" song, Kanye feature...
  18. Cover is a serve at least. I love a LaChapelle reference

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