Cardi B

All her peers release albums, so it's a bit odd to say Cardi isn't the type of rapper that needs one. Surely her album must be one of the most anticipated at the moment, so I don't know why she would settle with just dropping a single every three months or whatever, which I imagine must be a lot less satisfying for an artist than doing a full body of work.
I'm thinking out loud, but when I realized it's been four years since Invasion of Privacy, and I don't think her profile has diminished as much as someone's could when there's a four year gap between albums, the thought occurred to me that maybe she doesn't need an album. As others have said, she's still very viral, and she's had a huge moment with WAP. I don't think the album is over - actually I think it's undergone a resurgence as an artistic form through the pandemic - and I understand as fans wanting a fuller body of work to dive into. But with streaming as a dominant format and social capital measured the way it is, I'm not sure it's the best way forward for her. There are definitely other rappers and popstars I could say the same thing about, it just occurred to me with Cardi.
I enjoyed the entirety of Invasion of Privacy (outside of Best Life). I see how one could say she's about singles, but if there's a vision for an album, her track record is solid.
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All that hype for this?

It's alright - it's an album track really or at best a promo single.

I usually like Tay Keith's stuff but the beat is anaemic and Kanye has zero energy in his verse.
It makes sense now that she's junked the video and has already been hyping up the next single - she knows this isn't up to snuff.
Meh, the beat is the best thing about it but that in itself isn't enough for me to get into this. It feels like the type of song that should have been the rough draft for an even bigger and better song.
Her flow is copy+pasted from Up and she rarely shines on these straight-forward rap tracks for me because it feels like she doesn't push herself in her verses. It kind of feels like the absolute bare minimum. Kanye and Durk are both boring on this, too. The whole thing is just forgettable.