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Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated (4th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by pop3blow2, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. The only track I’m incapable of reassessing is “Now That I Found You.”

    Ultimately it’s fine but it’s Carly by the numbers with a Kylie’s X b-side production. It reminds me of a warmed up corpse.
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  2. All these descriptions have me dripping and I'm ready to flood when the album hits Spotify on Friday!
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  3. never thought i'll see the day when carly and siouxsie will be mentioned in the same sentence. anyway, those reviews are getting me hyped even more now.
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  4. When is this out? I think we should start putting release dates in the thread title in a reduced type size.
  5. The first thing I thought when I heard Automatically In Love's snippet was 90's Mariah. As usual with Carly, not a coincidence
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  6. Automatically In Love in particular was one of my favorite of the snippets, sounded sooo lush.
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  7. I'm with you here. It's fine but the most obvious example of "Carly by numbers." However, I have a feeling it's gonna slap live?
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  8. Friday.
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  9. No vinyl on Friday.
  10. I've not heard a word. It had better arrive on time or Universal's getting a truckload of complaints.
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  12. Haven't listened to a single snippet and I'm so excited to take it all in on Friday.

  13. It kinda spoke volumes when Carly said that she wrote it while she was single. It's the rare song where Carly's not been able to convince me of The Power of Love.
  14. I've maintained self-control & not listened to the album snippets... just gotta hold out a little bit longer. Ahhh!!

    I've been so ready since 'Party For One'... and while I've really liked the ensuing releases to varying degrees, 'Too Much' sent me back into full excitement mode again.
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  15. Cherry Bomb sweetie...
  16. Carly posted snippets of Everything He Needs, Want You In My Room, and The Sound on her Instagram stories.

    I NEED this album now.

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  17. Wait who is she actually talking about in this?
  18. Selena Gomez!

    Sorry to derail the thread but I just watched this whole interview from 2014 where she says she won't get a third cat (ha!) and that Lorde's favourite 1989 song was "Welcome To New York" (yikes)
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  19. Really excited, and also anxious, to listen to this. I didn’t love Party for One, No Drug Like Me or Now That I Found You, but I did enjoy Julien. I haven’t listened to Too Much or any of the snippets, so I’m really hoping I like the album as a whole. E•MO•TION truly is up there with True Blue as one of my favorite 3-4 pop albums of all time, so I’m so so thrilled to finally have another Carly record.
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