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Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated (4th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by pop3blow2, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. Your avi/handle would suggest you're a fan.... however an awful lot of your posts talk about how great Kiss is or how disappointed you are by Dedicated. Are you just @ZENO in disguise?
  2. No but I shared some facts.
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. 3 more weeks until the vinyl arrives...I hope UO doesn't suddenly decide to backorder it like they did for 3 months with Broods
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  5. I was so underwhelmed by Party for One when it came out, but it weirdly makes sense within the album and feels so much more joyous.

    I was listening to the album on the beach and became overwhelmed imagining being a single human with all these melodies inside your brain! Carly is such a gift.
  6. Happy Not Knowing is so great. The chorus might be one of my favourites she’s ever written. I wish it was longer!
  7. aux


    It’s probably my favourite of the album, between that or Real Love.
  8. This album just sparkles with joy, even Now That I Found You gets some life breathed into it within the confines of the collection.
  9. I really really hope Side B for this happens soon. Like, sometime this year.
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  10. When Carly takes it to church on Feels Right

  11. I drunkenly danced to ‘Everything He Needs’ after a night out with friends a few weeks back. I made a fool of myself to such an extreme that it is now our group anthem and everyone is legitimately stanning the song.
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  12. It's transformed from inessential hype track to totally integral piece of the album honestly
  13. Now That I Found You remains the best song here.
  14. Seriously?
  15. Hiya!!! I’ve played Right Words Wrong Time about 1,000 times today.

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  16. As someone whose mental list of favorite pop albums of all time includes EMOTION, I was melodramatically a bit horrified when I didn't like Party for One or Now That I Found You at all (and No Drug Like Me was so-so). It was only when Too Much was released that I had a "FINALLY!!!" moment and then ended up enjoying much of the album when it dropped. I don't think the first three songs on Dedicated are really indicative of the quality or sound of the rest of the album.
  17. Today was the farewell bbq for the sixth form at my school and one of the boys approached me to ask me if I had listened to Dedicated and we spent a bit talking about it (he loves For Sure!) and I showed him my pics of the concert.

    The children are the future and the future looks BRIGHT!
  18. I can never give him enough
    Enough of my love, enough of my love
    Enough of my
    I can never give him enough
    Enough of my love
    (He needs me)
    I can never give him enough
    Enough of my love, enough of my love
    Enough of my
    I can never give him enough
    Enough of my love
    (He needs me)

  19. "Want You In My Room," "Everything He Needs," and "Automatically in Love" are my holy tringle.
  20. I just saw her on a Billboard at Shibuya Crossing if that makes anyone feel better.
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