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Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated (4th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by pop3blow2, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. Every tour should be built around the 8 Side B tracks teebs.
  2. I'll Be Your Girl is good and I'm sure it would pop off live but it's not a patch on Fever or Real Love for me. Guess I have no taste ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. The logic in my head.
    Basically I just think songs like Emotion and Gimmie Love got their moments in the sun on the previous tour and as they weren't singles they don't have to be included on this one (nor does Fever or Let's Get Lost). I just think they are fantastic moodsetters for that album that I feel belonged to that album and its tour, especially since she doesn't remix them or do anything to update them for this one. That said it's not like Dedicated in general is a massive sonic shift so they aren't out of place here, just songs I personally have a strong emotional connection to from the previous era that make it feel like a bit of a retread when I'll Be Your Girl, The Sound, Automatically In Love, Right Words, Wrong Time are right there. It's subjective and kind of arbitrary dd.
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  4. I’m almost certain the reason that Automatically In Love and Right Words Wrong Time aren’t on the setlist is because, lovingly, she just doesn’t have the range to do them every night.
  5. I screamed because I think the title tracks are usually the best representation of previous records so it's cute when they're performed as a "symbol" or something. The main problem here is she's having half setlist from new album and half from the old album that was being performed for years now. Even tho I'd die to hear When I Needed You FUCK. I find it bad that she axed a song from the new album for another (I'll Be Your Girl \ Real Love) when both are so different and show different sides of the same project, but I guess that's the price. I'd drop all the songs from Side-B. Yes they're awesome but like... B-sides. You're already performing 7 songs from the main album. There's no need to.

    The Sequence No Drug Like Me -> Emotion is probably life changing and perfect. Need Carly to Come2Brazil. + Justice for The Sound, need this one to be performed at least once.
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    I'll Be Your Girl is Carly's biggest risk and sign of artistic growth's a bit reggae??? It's ok but it doesn't deserve half the hyperbole it gets.
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  7. Just @ me next time ma’am.
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    They don't work for mods ":("
  9. Is now I'm dancing and I'm dancing toooo much one of Carly's lowkey finest moments? And does Too Much occupy Carly's upper echelon?

    LIKE this post if you agree. DELETE your account if you disagree.
  10. Anyway, I’ll Be Your Girl warrants its praise not because “it’s a bit reggae” but because it explores emotions she hasn’t otherwise published before, both lyrically and simply in her vocal delivery. There’s a personality coming through that just hasn’t before and she’s clearly pushing outside her well-established comfort zone on an album that otherwise mostly doesn’t in all of its Carly Does Her Best Police Impression glory. Is it hyperbolic to say it’s the biggest risk coming from someone who released Warm Blood? Maybe? Kinda? But if we’re not here to speak in hyperbole then what’s the point posting in a gay forum in the first place?
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  11. I’ll Be Your Girl is my least favorite song on the album ddd.
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  12. I'll Be Your Girl, Now That I Found You, and Feels Right are my most skipped on Dedicated, by a mile.

    Happy Not Knowing has grown on me immensely, though, after formerly being of "Skip it" status. I think it sounds so much better when you listen to it outside of the context of the album. And I'm also just personally relating to it at the moment, so there's that.
  13. Let me go listen to I'll Be Your Girl on repeat to cleanse myself of these opinions.
  14. Risk-taking? Our Carly?

  15. Replace Feels Right with Right Words Wrong Time and those 4 are literally my fav tracks on the album.
  16. "I'll be your girl" is Dedicated's nadir by a mile. I won't hear a bad word against Real Love.
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  17. Y'all are gonna be disappointed no matter what she does or doesn't perform so just be happy and grateful you get to see her live.
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  18. You binch. It's very obviously "Feels Right." Not because it has male vocals, so don't come for me. It's just the slightest song of the set.
  19. Feels Right is in my top 5.
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  20. You seem to enjoy this GIF
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