Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated + Side B

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Real Love, Too Much and Want You In My Room are the top level for me on first listen through.
Real Love is just, well, fantastic, how was it not considered as a lead.
A couple of the songs are short, and feel like they could do with a minute or so more, but that’s a minor niggle.
We’ll see where I stand after listening to it all weekend.
Oh sis
Want You In My Room with our scalps

Wow, terrific album! The pre-release tracks made me a little unsure but they work so well in the context of the album. It seems like the used Warm Blood as the sonic landscape for the record and it works wonderfully.
I... find it all mostly pleasant but inessential. Like the album was made because she was scheduled to make an album so she picked fifteen tracks out of the hundreds she had lying around and called it a day. It just doesn’t feel all that vital or exciting. But I’ll leave y’all to stan. Mine and Carly’s stars were never meant to align for long.
I’m obsessed. It all works so amazingly well together and she did a brilliant job of pushing her sound in new directions while still retaining that essential something that makes her music so great in the first place. I can’t imagine the pressure she must have felt trying to follow up an album as beloved as her last one but this absolutely stands toe to toe with that masterpiece while cultivating its own identity. I’m ecstatic.
I’ve only had opportunity to listen to the 13 standard tracks and I love it. I suppose For Sure is all I have left so I can’t imagine my overall opinion changing. Roll on 5!
There‘s not a single melody here that I’m obsessed with. I’m not hating, it’s all just okay music to me, after my first musical. I don’t remember whether Emotion hit from the start.
I appreciate it for being a step in a new direction.
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