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Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated Side B

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by pop3blow2, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. Why do interesting pop stars only visit Holland on Tuesdays and Wednesdays? Sad.
  2. How am I supposed to afford to see all these upcoming live acts in 2020 after buying Christmas presents ddd.
  3. MB


    Makes 2 of us! Literally fuming, only booked my trip yesterday, I'd have delayed it for this DAMN IT CARLY!
  4. Haven't been this happy since Side B was released. She's playing the Friday night in Manchester of my birthday week. Over the weekend we can turn the world to gold INDEED.
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  5. Complainometer off the scale.

    These clash with my Madame X dates dd watch that get cancelled last minute.
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  6. I have to get tickets for Amsterdam! She says there will be a presale tomorrow, is that for all dates? The Amsterdam venue says presale is from 6 December!
  7. Pop girls remember Scotland exists challenge.
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  8. I'll see you girls in Manchester hopefully.

    None of my friends have taste so will be going alone.
  9. Any idea of prices?
  10. Germany is around 40€, I assume Netherlands and Belgium will be cheaper again. For Charli Germany was the most expensive with around 40 as well..
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  11. I wanted to go to the Roundhouse but my friend is making me go to Manchester. But I'm not that arsed as I would have gone anywhere to see Carly.

    I cant believe I've never seen her before, I'm gonna die hearing 'Run Away With Me' LIVE for the first time.

    AND also what a generous Queen putting the UK dates on a friday and saturday night.
  12. Am on the fuck all over this. Booked a hotel for Manchester so better get tickets.

    I saw her at Brighton pride but never her own gig and we've had side B and Dedicated since then so it's gonna be amazing.
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  13. Might see her for the third time like fresh tilapia I guess
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  14. Of course I’m bloody busy that day...
    I hope you all get tickets though.
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  15. Albert Hall in Manchester is an amazing venue though, possibly my favourite after Brixton academy. always has a great atmosphere and you're close wherever you are.
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  16. Look if Kim Petras can drag her problematic ass to Scotland despite having no hits then there’s nothing stopping the other girls

    Hell, even the Veronicas have toured Glasgow this decade
  17. The girls starting to ignore everywhere but London and Manchester... this is not it.
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  18. I’m picturing tickets selling out in presale, a second London date... this is very Avril.
  19. I actually can't with this 'tour'.
  20. So is there just the Carly Presale at 10am tomorrow and the O2 presale?
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