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Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated Side B

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by pop3blow2, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. There's also a Live Nation pre-sale and apparently a Spotify one. Not sure how the Spotify one works though. I'm very much anticipating this being a shambles tomorrow again.
  2. RJF


    Guess I’m not hearing “OMG”, most of Emotion, and the five tracks she sometimes plays from this album, live.

    Oh well.
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  3. Her ‘top listeners’ are emailed an access code, so not within our control.

    London tickets are £29.50 + fees. Affordable queen.
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  4. RJF


    I'm gonna get a fucking code for streaming that goddamn basic bop feature five thousand times aren't I.
  5. I've received emails from Spotify offering me early access to tickets before when I've only listened one song by an artist. I don't think they're fussy about who they send them out to.
  6. I can tell you that as of 2 nights ago she does not perform "OMG" live. She still insists on playing "Store" though!
  7. That sounds dangerously close to a criticism
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  8. "Store" is fine but would I rather have heard "The Sound", "Your Type", "Making the Most of the Night", or literally anything from Kiss aside from its one setlist representative "Call Me Maybe" in its place? Absolutely!
  9. She's never performed Super Natural or Love Me Like That at any of her shows. What makes anyone think she'd perform OMG....
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  10. Store is something I don't want to listen to live. Especially when Your Type is sitting there waiting to be performed instead. Store is ultimately a bathroom break song.
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  11. Store is a ghosting anthem that I did not appreciate for far too long. Even the dance moves she and the band do during it live lets you know she's taking the piss
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  12. Store is cute and fine but I could have had Automatically in Love live so? It can leave.
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  13. I guess someone's just going to the loo, to the loo.
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  15. Ddddddd the Taylor, Carly, Tove Lo, and Jonas Brothers ones are so fucking relatable. And the Ariana and Madonna ones...I cackled!
  16. Does anyone have an extra code for the pre-sale?
  17. Is the DEDICATED code she posted with the announcement for Ticketmaster?
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  18. Store is iconic you dumb homos
  19. Yeah go on Ticketmaster and that code is for the 'Artist Presale'.
  20. In tha pockettt!
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