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Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated Side B

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by pop3blow2, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. I miss Girls Aloud.
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  2. Can’t y’all take this to comeback corner?
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  3. Even though Let's Be Friends should be mastered better, it's still mega-catchy and really growing on me in a weird way. I've only listen to it maybe once a day at most (My current playlist is literally just New Dua on repeat) but it still get's caught in my head and I find myself randomly humming it all the time. Carly's power over me remains intact.
  4. Yeah the mastering is an issue but people acting as if this was as badly edited as MDNA is a bit much. But this initial dooming also happened with Now That I Found You and even Cut to the Feeling so time will be the teller.
  5. Also - how did this manage to escape an explicit rating on iTunes Store (dick in the spoken word part) yet Nadine's Fool for Love received an explicit tag even though the lyrics are just "I'm a fewl for luuuuhve!!!!!!!!!!" repeated 2506 times with no cursing...
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  6. Okay, so I woke up very early this morning and randomly had Emotion, the song in my head.

    So I headed to Spotify to listen to the whole album. The song that really stood out to me, even more than usual was I Didn't Just Come Here to Dance.

    And it occured to me that it sounds just like a song Alizée would have released in the same era as Moi... Lolita. In French of course. The song sounds just like a European pop song.

    If the powers that be would have just realized and
    acknowledged the perfection of I Didn't Just Come Here to Dance and released it in Europe. Imagine what a massive hit it could have been for Carly.
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  7. I’ve fallen back in love with Happy Not Knowing. That first verse is a ride.
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  8. The Dedicated era is kind of over it sounds?
  9. I like the way they set her band in different areas so she could walk around the space. These little live videos while she's on tour are a cute alternative to like a "Vevo presents" live performance. Keep me fed Queen.
  10. This song got a cute lyric video and now this.... Justice for Everything He Needs, Real Love, Automatically In Love, etc
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  11. Okay but wait. I love this.
  12. Her guitarist is so cute, I was mesmerized by him when I saw her live. Also he commented on the picture I posted of him on my Instagram.
  13. YESSSS, had the biggest crush on him since foreverrrrr.
  14. I just noticed that I never wrote about her concert in Berlin. Well, what can I say. It was fantastic. Loved every second of it. Ive been on such a Carly high since then and she's basically all I'm listening, too. She's is such an amazing, fun performer. The only thing that bothered me: it was a really short set, especially considering how much the ticket cost. But still, it was one hour of pure pop excellence.
    The venue was tiny, so it felt really intimate and special.
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  15. Absolutely agree, my most played CRJ song. Everyone I play it to loves it, even friends who haven’t got a clue about pop music.

    Friend: ‘Who’s this’?

    Me: ‘Carly Rae Jepsen’

    Friend ‘Who’?

    Me: ‘You know her, she did ‘Call Me Maybe’

    Friend : Nodding and sings a line badly.....’Oh yeah, whatever happened to her? Is this her new song? It’s brilliant, I love it'

    Me: Shaking my head, lost for words. ‘She is on her fourth album’

    Friend: ‘Got any Ella Henderson’
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  16. I appreciate that you removed the horrifically graphic murder scene after the conversation.

  17. She's coming to Mexico! Guess I'll be seeing the Dedicated Tour a third time!
  18. I don't know who else needs to re-live this euphoria but I found it therapeutic on a Sat night in quarantine to watch the entire Dedicated Tour AGAIN. It's actually a TV special because Japan has taste. The interview questions every few songs are very Britney circa 2001 dvd special but omg towards the end when she does Real Love... gut punch amazingness!!!
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