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Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated Side B

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by pop3blow2, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. It's unfortunate that the corona virus had to happen. I feel like she would have performed a couple songs off this album at Coachella and the other festivals that she'd booked.
  2. Cut to the Feeling is Carly-by-numbers at her best. Absolutely nothing revolutionary but 3 minutes of saccharine euphoria nonetheless.
  3. The obsession with hating on Cut To The Feeling at irrelevant times. The Carly Rae Jepsen gatekeeping? Messy. Who cares anymore, let people like what they like. It's... Carly Rae Jepsen.

    I am so excited for this. I hope that leak from a while ago, "I'll believe you" (or titled similarly), is included. I loved that!
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  4. The same leaker posted this:

    1) Felt This Way
    2) Stay Away
    3) This Is What They Say
    4) Summer Love
    5) Solo
    6) Heartbeat
    7) Comeback
    8) Let's Sort The Whole Thing Out
    9) Fake Mona Lisa
    10) This Love Isn't Crazy
    11) Now I Don't Hate California At All
    12) Window

    Apparently, I'll Believe You is an Emotion outtake.

    Btw, here's "Comeback".

  5. Cut To The Feeling haters can rot in hell.
  6. I'm sure this is old, but I went to check the repertoire sites to see if any new Carly had been recently registered and I found this one track "I Still Do" with Kiiara as another artist involved in the song? I doubt this means anything, just found it interesting.

    Update: did some more searching and it was registered last year.
  7. Cut To The Feeling is not her best but it's fun and I think works much better than Now That I Found You.
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  8. Is it really “gatekeeping”? Dd
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  9. I’ve been bothered by Ari and Cardi’s tracklists having consecutive songs beginning with the letter B on them and Salute having consecutive tracks with “Boy” in the title before... so there’s no way in hell I’ll stand for this “opening three tracks all rhyming” nonsense.
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  10. I'm manifesting "Now I Don't Hate California At All" as a sequel to "LA Hallucinations."
  11. The progression from LA Hallucinations to "Hate the traffic in LA" in Right Words, Wrong Time to this.
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  12. Yeah because the original resentment in this thread was that new fans and the general public were eating it up, which turned into “it’s overrated and locals overhyped it.” There’s a persistent narrative here that people who like Cut are entry-level fans with basic taste.
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  14. 'Right Words' was already head-cannoned as the 'LA Hallucinations' sequel for me. Now she's brings 'Now I Don't Hate California At All' into the Carly Cinemusic Universe. My brain.

    I do love a good trilogy.
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  15. Sorry can’t keep up with the last pages but there’s official news about side b? Thank you.
  16. Adding to the weirdness, someone spilled that Stay Away & Felt This Way started off as the same song.
  17. We have the tracklist, release date & cover (since the image was already released).
    Carly herself is just yet to say anything.
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  18. Kiss is low key better than Dedicated but I don’t think y’all are ready for that conversation yet.
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  19. This thread is drunk.
  20. Tea is Kiss is more lyrically interesting than most of Dedicated even if the latter has several higher peaks (Want You in My Room, Automatically in Love and For Sure in particular). Like sis decided to just...stop being an obsessive borderline sociopathic lover once she hit 30? I don’t buy it.

    Kiss houses her two worst songs in Good Time and Beautiful but This Kiss, Tiny Little Bows, Turn Me Up, Call Me Maybe, Your Heart is a Muscle, Guitar String/Wedding Ring, Drive and Sweetie are all phenomenal. Feel free @ me.
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