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Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated Side B

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by pop3blow2, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. This is really good, but I can also understand why most of the songs were left off the original album.
  2. Heartbeat is just so beautiful, those lyrics.
  3. There is something very Britney's Seal It With a Kiss about Stay Away. So naturally I love it.
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  4. I love "Can't Stay Away" but it sounds like she's singing "can't stay awake." Which would make it an anthem of mine.
  5. Solo is the hidden gem of the album, it's just pure joy.
  6. The only track I'm not 100% feeling is Window. Everything else is a 10/10 for me.
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  8. excuse me while I deal for a moment with the utter disrespect shown to Right Words Wrong Time on the last few pages... whew...

    I think with Carly she is so often so incredibly consistent that expectations are sky high, and I felt that on my first listen, my thoughts were 'solid but not wowed'

    That is until I reached Summer Love. THAT is the one.

    I think the second half of the album is stronger.. but even in second listen I could tell it's all just brilliant, it's just that I was perched to be mind blown and it's more nuanced than that. Stay Away in particular stands out to me now. She's absolutely done it again, it feels like she doesn't know how to fail (I love Let's Be Friends even!)
  9. I haven't seen this asked, but will the vinyl be available in other sites except her official and UO?
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  11. I’m obsessed with what she’s done with Felt This Way and Stay Away. I’ve wanted someone to do that for years after hearing about how demos go through different versions of the same song that can be vastly different. I’m so happy she was able to give us that peek behind the curtain.

    Haven’t given the full thing a deep enough listen to form a full opinion in terms of ranks but everything sounds extremely good. I’m looking forward to spending a lot of time with it. Heartbeat is...incredibly effective?
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  12. I don’t get all of the excitement for Felt This Way and Stay Away.
  13. Most of this just isn't clicking for me. I know I'm in the minority, but the Dedicated era overall was very hit or miss to these ears, and I really can't pinpoint why. I listened to Side A (it had been a while) prior to starting Side B, and the same handful of songs still rise above the rest. Maybe it's because Emotion was such a staple for me for so long that anything would've felt like a comedown, but I've never been able to get fully invested in this project.

    As for Side B, my standouts are Stay Away, Summer Love, and Solo. I love the verses of This Is What They Say, but the chorus isn't my favorite. Let's Sort The Whole Thing Out is her worst output of the era. It's very...Jojo Siwa.
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  14. Window as track 2 had me concerned the rest of the album would be a plodding affair of “I can see why this was left on the cutting room floor”, but the album soon picks up and the bops are delivered.
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  15. There is absolutely a case for the two albums in some form meshed together being one of the best pop albums of the decade. I’m not quite sure what mine would be yet, but similar.
    I absolutely can’t imagine having ‘Now I Don’t Hate California Anymore’ and not making it the original album closer. Defies logic!
  16. It's so weird reading how people are disappointed with this era because "nothing can top Emotion" when to me she's leagues above it now. It's such an obvious evolution + maturing that I feel almost bad for people who hold Emotion to such high standards in the year of our lord 2020. It is a legendary album, but there's been so much more stuff released since that is also interesting and could be held as a staple... but something something nostalgia I guess. It's hard to disconnect your personal emotions from the work itself sometimes.
  17. Any "combined side A&B" tracklist that doesn't include Comeback (among others) is a waste of your time.
  18. I'm right there with you. Dedicated refined and expanded on what made Emotion so good. It feels like it was made by the same person but four years later - a bit more sophisticated and relaxed but true to its spirit. If she can keep this up, I don't know why I would want for her to change anything too drastically.

    I guess Emotion also had the element of surprise on its side - though Kiss was cute, there was no way we could expect Emotion to be the pop juggernaut it turned out to be. Ever since then expectations have been sky high. And as is always the case with a dedicated (no pun intended) fanbase, everyone wants something different from her.
  19. This is front to back flawless.

    But I am a stan, you see. My card is laminated and displayed proudly above the hearth.
  20. Uno


    Not you questioning Carly’s taste while simultaneously leaving off Happy Not Knowing, No Drug Like Me, and JULIEN...
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