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Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated Side B

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by pop3blow2, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. No I can’t look back on broken pieces of the hearts we broke we broke for reasons

    No I CAN’T look back on BROKEN pieces

    of the HEARTS we broke we BROKE for reasons

  2. I love the callbacks to Warm Blood on This Love Isn't Crazy.
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  3. I’m honestly shook how much I adore the whole package. There’s definitely a confidence to the tracks and an easier vibe than Side A.

    Also Window is so underrated
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  4. As someone who’s been a big fan since Kiss but also finds the adulation a bit pre-ordained regardless of what she releases, Dedicated Side B is just behind Emotion for me as her absolute best. I do have a lot of love for Dedicated Side A but there‘a a distinct lack of Carly’s weirder tendencies to 75% of the album. I’m talking the outro to For Sure or the sample in Everything He Needs, the breakneck pace of I’ll Be Your Girl and basically everything about Want You in My Room.

    Despite these moments Side A overall felt more like a successor to Kiss whereas Side B feels like a successor to Emotion. The songs on the latter feel more spacious and less...bouncy, if that makes sense? There’s still the trademark Carly songcraft but it does feel like there was a conscious effort to twist things a bit more. Something like This Is What They Say on paper is a traditional Carly song but it’s wrapped up in Super Mario synths mixed with those gorgeous harmonies on the post chorus. And then there are the genuinely enthralling moments like Heartbeat, Fake Mona Lisa and Now I Don’t Hate California After All. I don’t say this to discredit Side A but more so that I think both sides complement one another which is a departure from how Emotion Side B felt like an epilogue or victory lap to its parent album. I think Dedicated Side A is better for having Side B and vice versa.
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  5. I'm pretty certain this is where I'm at.
    I love how chill and flowery it is, love the vibe for her voice. A BAWP!
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  6. Comeback is the one. I'm a slut for pure Jack Antonoff productions.
  7. Heartbeat is definitely top 10 CRJ and my favorite song here.
  8. Hearing CRJ in that low register utter the lines

    “We could wash the world away
    We could play like children play”

    Makes me feel like I need an adult present and I’m 29...
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  9. I've played Dedicated more than Emotion, to be honest.

    That said, I don't really find myself wanting to return to Side B that much but it might grow on me.
  10. '....and I am the keeper' may be the single best bit across both records
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  11. My basic bimbo jones ass is still addicted to spawning f***ots on the stars. There's something so early Little Boots about this song.
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  12. This time I can see why these songs have been left behind for Side B
  13. Hmmm maybe it’ll grow on me more but I think Side A is clearly superior. Don’t get me wrong this has plenty of great moments, but a Side B collection it clearly is.
  14. Kind of loving the late 2000’s, One Tree Hill soundtrack of Window. Kate Voegele Rae Jepsen teas.
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  15. There are AT LEAST 6 songs here that are better than some of the Side A songs. Dedicated Side B sounds even less like castoffs than Emotion Side B.
  16. Yeah I can also understand why some of these were left out. Songs like California and Comeback might have been too left field (?) for the official release, while stuff like Felt This Way and This Is What They Say, while great songs, don't feel that essential in the overall context. In the end my ideal track list for a single side release would be:

    1. Solo
    2. Too Much
    3. Want You In My Room
    4. Automatically In Love
    5. No Drug Like Me
    6. Now I Don't Hate Californa After All
    7. Heartbeat
    8. Julien
    9. Window
    10. Everything He Needs
    11. I'll Be Your Girl
    12. This Love Isn't Crazy
    13. Summer Love
    14. Fake Mona Lisa
    15. Party For One
    16. For Sure
    17. Real Love
    18. Comeback
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  17. Pat


    'Solo' is really that song.

    Anyway, did anyone else order the signed vinyl? I still had it in my basket when it sold out, but was able to check out anyway. But my e-mail confirmation doesn't state it's the signed edition. Now I'm doubting if I still was able to snatch a signed copy or if they automatically updated it to the non-signed edition. What does everybody else's e-mail confirmation state?
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  18. Mine lists the signed insert as a separate item in the order summary:

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  19. Pat


    Thanks for clarifying! That means I didn't snatch a signed copy. Oh well. I did get charged 35 dollars instead of 28 dollars, so that's kinda weird?
  20. I really don't think I'd cut much from either collection (duh). "Feels Right" is probably my least favorite song out of them all, but it's not like it's bad. This is truly an embarrassment of riches.
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