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Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated Side B

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by pop3blow2, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. Oh wowww... "Always On My Mind" is so good. I wish she would have just included it! Could even be a Side A contender with that sax.
  2. How controversial is it to prefer Side B to the original? Side A has higher highs marginally, but I just find Side B to be a more even, cohesive and consistent listening experience.
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  3. I think the general consensus is that Side B is better than Side A.
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  4. Afternoon, my lovely Jepsies.

    I am hosting a Carly Zoom party on Saturday night (Want You In My Zoom) to celebrate five years of EMOTION. Would love to see some PopJusticers there if you so desire!
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  5. Not to me, but yeah, people seem to rightly love it!
  6. Personally I love side A and B equally and feel like they both feel cohesive with a perfect mix of retro and current influences, however my bf didn't agree and separated the tracks for his own playlists to make them feel more cohesive (to him!). I'm not posting this to get into a debate about the tracks, I didn't make the list, I don't care and personally I think many of the songs (like Happy Not Knowing, No Drug Like Me) could easily fit on either list. I'm posting this because my bf is one of the "likes side B more" types. He told me it's because he feels like side B's retro influenced songs are subtle compared to those on A, so B feels more cohesive between retro and current. Is that the case for you other side B lovers or other reasons?

    Julien, Now That I Found You, Want You In My Room, Everything He Needs, I’ll Be Your Girl, Automatically In Love, Feels Right, Window, This Is What They Say, Heart Beat, Summer Love, Let’s Sort The Whole Thing Out, Now I Don’t Hate California After All.

    This Love Isn’t Crazy, Felt This Way, Stay Away, Fake Mona Lisa, Comeback, Solo, Always on My Mind, No Drug Like Me, Happy Not Knowing, Too Much, The Sound, Right Words Wrong Time, Real Love, For Sure, Party For One.
  7. Here is her signing the card inserts idk if any of you guys have seen it. It's from Instagram but I've never seen it.


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  8. The cat sitting on the waiting-to-be-signed booklets! Ha.
  9. But gays are allergic to pussy...
    The homophobia of it all.
  10. [​IMG]
    This masterpiece arrived today. Queen of signed inserts!
  11. Bop-wise on side B, I was initially more attracted to the gloss and zoomy production of Stay Away, or the huge chorus of Solo..... but having listened to This Love Isn't Crazy during workouts, I have a whole new appreciation for the way it builds to euphoric release at the drop. I mean when she says "You've got to HOLD ON.." she wasn't kidding because my wig flew right off!
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  12. For those interested I made my Dedicated "Perfect Edition" playlist with what I consider the best of Side A and B into one cohesive album. It really reaffirmed to me that Dedicated as an era is so fucking strong, it's just a matter of pulling together the right songs:

    1. Julien
    2. Felt This Way
    3. Want You in My Room
    4. Stay Away
    5. Everything He Needs
    6. No Drug Like Me
    7. Automatically in Love
    8. This Love Isn't Crazy
    9. Too Much
    10. The Sound
    11. Comeback
    12. Solo
    13. This Is What They Say
    14. Fake Mona Lisa
    15. I'll Be Your Girl
    16. Summer Love
    17. Real Love
    18. For Sure
    19. Heartbeat
    20. Now I Don't Hate California After All
  13. Carly did another Reddit AMA today

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  14. Didn't some of Disco Sweat leak / is going around with leak collectors?
  15. I hadn’t realized she found love again.
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  16. Rostam has entered the chat!

  18. Who is he and why does he look like he was pasted in from a stock photo?
  19. Someone who has it leaked a clip/clips and said they were selling the entire album, and then vanished
  20. Damn, well it's out there so it will eventually leak... at some point.
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