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Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated + Side B

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by pop3blow2, Jun 3, 2016.

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  1. I'm waiting for a deluxe release...
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  2. I still scream a bit that the opening line of “Fake Mona Lisa” sounds like, “Spotting f*ggots among the stars.”
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  3. Or "He's boning f**gots among the stars" ddddd.
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  4. One way or another, the cigs are involved.
  5. Queen of the gays confirmed.
  6. Automatically In Love just came on shuffle. The synths, the airy vocals, the absolute groove of it all...

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  7. We love a Carey Rae Jepsen moment!
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  8. I think this just leaked? The production is different than her usual sound. I like it.
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  9. I think it leaked last year.
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  10. this still hits every single time
  11. Yeah Comeback is up there with Your Type and Real Love for me. The raw emotion just cuts and is perfectly conveyed in the vocals, which depending on the moment are on the brink of crying, screaming or experiencing an epiphany. Paired with simply gorgeous production. *Chef's kiss*
  12. Nn no it’s genuinely awful no matter who’s on the track.
  13. Good Time is so shit. I'm no fan of Owl City in general but the song feels like a low point for both artists involved
  14. The way they deliver their ‘woah’s like kindergarten teachers makes me squirm.
  15. I agree with you guys, but Good Time really does go off when she performs it!
  16. Pleasantly surprised to read Kiss was certified silver by the BPI last week.

  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    All these Good Time haters obviously have............never had a Good Time.

    Speaking of Kiss tracks though, another highlight

  18. I've always figured that of @Jwentz.
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  19. Disco Darling finally leaked in HQ, so did a song called Favorite Night from Emotion.
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  20. Both songs slap.
    That's it. That's the post.
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