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Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by pop3blow2, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. She wasn't bad bad, but she expected too much from The Gays™ last night.
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  2. Oh my goddd she looks just like Shakira
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  3. Whew, can't wait for the UK leg being a London and a Brighton date.
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  4. Jeppo was incredible, and the crowd singing was unusually lovely – I normally hate it if there's some atonal bollocks bellowing in my ear, but there wasn't, and I could hear Carly clear over it all, so all's well.

    However, it wasn't as hardcore a crowd as I expected, with NOT ENOUGH DANCING and a slightly muted reception for non-singles (although still lots of singing). I was surprised the new songs got much bigger reactions than the Side B stuff, but maybe that's just expecting everyone to be like me and go nuts with delight at her playing Store whilst having not had much time to listen to the new album (which is not to say the new songs aren't great – the set list was wall to wall wonderful).

    When she comes back I fully intend to be there, and hope she brings a fuller band with her, or at least whack up the samples (the music was good, but I prefer my pop stars surrounded by electronic noise or blasting brass or string sections or choirs or just the album tapes played loud rather than a four piece trad rock band doing their version).

    That sounds a bit critical for what was one of the best things ever. IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST THINGS EVER. I was grinning massively throughout and after such a wait she did not disappoint. What was the song she got the crowd to do a left-side/right-side thing to? Was it the "Oh-oh, oh-oh, OH-OH" bit in Run Away With Me? That was lovely. Lots of little moments of delight throughout.
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  5. Pretty comparable debut to Emotion, which peaked at #16.
  6. Was this posted?

    SCREAM at her reading the Mozart meme!
  7. The gays have let me down again.
  8. I... actually can't stop playing this album. My ears refuse to accept anything else.
  9. Classic Carly Raejection symptoms. I recommend doubling your dose of Dedicated.
  11. pdf


    when is the vinyl out in uk?
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  12. Too Much just came up on shuffle. Ugh, sooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!!!
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  13. The amount of gays in rompers waiting for her Primavera set to start.
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  14. When @HeartSwells gets it.
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  15. The hair is good!
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  16. Hey, I think Want You In My Room just decimated me


  17. A mess.

    Her set was electrifying. I felt so happy watching her experience this.
  18. Does she not know who you are? Could she not look at the camera?
  19. Want You In My Room kinda popped OFF what a song
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  20. I know there’s already talk of a part B but I wonder is she would have benefited from a Body Talk style rollout as there are so many good tracks here it’s overwhelming and they did tend to bleed together on the first few listens. Given the fact the sequencing and album cover are the worst things here there at least wouldn’t be anything to lose from a 3 part rollout and potentially a lot of good press to gain.
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