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Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by pop3blow2, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. That 'how would you defend your queen' question would do me in, because I would theoretically just walk out on a date who reductively responded about Carly Rae.

    In my early 20's I was dating someone who was a big music fan & they made a condescending statement about there being Britney cds in my collection. Their statement was like 'oh, I thought you liked real music?' It was a huge turnoff & I sort of stopped pursuing them after the statement...ddd.

    I guess calling CRJ the 'Call Me Maybe' girl isn't quite as bad as that, but I still might not respond well. Haha!
  2. I was thinking the exact same thing! Though I might defend her first. And yeah, that guy deserved to be ignored after that.
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  3. I mean, if Dedicated: Side B is half as good of a companion piece as Emotion: Side B was, bring it on. She's going to take her good old time with the next album anyway.
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  4. Just thinking about a Dedicated companion EP is making me die. I need it. I wonder if she's going to go for 8 songs again?
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  5. Only 8!? Up the stakes a bitsie.
  6. I mean, I'd want more, but she only put 8 songs on EMOTION Side B, and I don't wanna get my hopes up.
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  7. Rdk


    She did an interview during the summer where she said the day that Dedicated released she submitted 15 songs to her A&R as B-sides to the album. Whether or not they let her release that many is another question, but she's repeatedly alluded to there being a lot of material from this era she'd like to share.
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  8. As much as I haven't been active in this thread for ages, this was my most played album of the year.
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  9. Oh my God! I didn't know that! Thanks for sharing. I hope they let her.
  10. If it’s easier for her to get stuff out I’m all for it, although they could be named as albums/EPs in their own right.
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  11. Sure Dedicated was my most played album this year... but what has been most impressive to me is how well it's held up throughout the year. I haven't tired of it. Every time I return to it, its still a fun, refreshing ride that doesn't let me skip a track or get bored.

    I love how the confidence on display at the beginning of the album (No Drug Like Me, Want You In My Room, Everything He Needs) slowly gives way to flaws and insecurity ( I'll Be Your Girl, Too Much, Happy Not Knowing) and then by the end we are left raw (Real Love, For Sure).

    It feels like she's really come into her own with this album. To me, it benefits from continuing to explore new sides of the 80's inspired genre-niche pop she loves so much which made Emotion special... as opposed to the pressure of trying to "re-create Call Me Maybe" or trend-chase.
  12. I truly think it's better than EMOTION. At least, I prefer it personally. Something about it feels more mature, more nuanced, while obviously still being an explosion of pop goodness.
  13. I’d consider throwing my wine in my partners face if they trashed CRJ, but then I’d remember a glass out is expensive and chug it and leave.
  14. Uno


    Caution was my most played album of 2019, but Dedicated was a lovely first alternate.
  15. A song titled “I Believe You” from Emotion sessions just leaked.
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  17. Wait what was it?
  18. Here's hoping we get Dedicated Side B pretty quickly in the new year. It's not like she's pushing other singles, and I wanna hear a studio version of the Jack Antonoff co-write "Back To Me."
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