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Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by pop3blow2, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. Are these two (bops) the only mixes we’re ever getting for Want You in My Room?! @Hunterpoop help.

    I’m team 8-Bit myself. Very Weeknd + gay.
  2. Looks like she’s doing Coachella and hints at more things to come this year...
  3. Why is her name so tiny??? 4th row. Wow. Coachella really is homophobic!
  4. Marina getting billed over Carly sure is... well at least they’re both doing well!
  5. Just sent the setlist to my brothers girlfriend to get her ready for the Manchester gig.
    Also like the Aly & Aj gig last year my brother has decided to not come and have some pints in a nearby pub and meet us after. About to call my Mother on why she raised a homophobe.
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  6. I mean this year alone Carly had a better charting album, better selling album, AND more critical praise! Headline act if anything!

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  7. [​IMG]The homophobia!
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  8. Her placement on that is so weird to me, she should at least be on the 2nd line. I mean Danny Elfman?? It's hard to get amped to some film scores at a music festival
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  9. RJF


    Me getting my life to The Simpsons theme song

  10. And bopping to the Desperate Housewives theme.
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  11. And the entire Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack.
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  12. And getting my life to the Men In Black bops
  13. Her placement is a little low but sometimes you guys forget that straights literally don't know she has a second song.
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  14. Any Canadian huns want a tour shirt from the Gimmie Love tour? I ordered one in the Black Friday sale and they sent me one with Canadian dates by accident
  15. Her placement should higher than the rest, oh everyone else is second best.
  16. @strangekin
  17. Don’t straights not even know who Marina is
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  18. I never said her position made sense either!
  19. Queen booked another festival!

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