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Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by pop3blow2, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. "...middle of the night"
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  2. Carly... Gaga... Dua... Allie X?! It's like Gay Christmas!
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  3. I just want her to announce it so bad.
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  4. Double post, sorry, but how did we pretty much completely ignore I'll Believe You? It's so gorgeously sad. I love it.
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  5. Okay, apologies for the triple post but I just realized that Carly is still managed by the trash that is Scooter, and I'm upset.
    On the bright side, she's never resorted to the shenanigans that someone like Justin has to promote her music.
  6. Justin and Scooter are the ones who plucked her out of Canada and helped make 'Call Me Maybe' the world-wide smash it was. Her career is kept on life support by Scooter and School Boy Records* because I think Scoots views her as a passion project. A broken clock is right twice a day.

    And teebs she did have to resort to shenanigans during Kiss and EMOTION, luckily for us they weren't nearly as tacky and that era seems to be over.

    *I also think Carly has the fanbase to sustain going independent, but I also don't think she feels any urgency to leave her label. They do seem to treat her well.
  7. I get why she's still with him. I just wish it wasn't...him. However, she doesn't strike me as the kind of person who would stick around if she wasn't being treated well, and I think this era has proven they're willing to put effort into her music. And I'm glad she doesn't seem to have the extremely close relationship with him that Ari and Justin so, because I think that prevents him from being being extra annoying when it comes to her.
    And I wasn't paying attention to those era so I did know oop.

    I really just wanted to spark a discussion about her cause I'm on a Carly binge again and feel like talking about her.
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  8. Having to resort to getting my London tickets refunded as my gender dysphoria has really been kicking in for the past few weeks and I'm generally dealing with panic attacks often. Thankfully Ticketmaster are happy to place it as a 'venue change issue' so there's absolute ease for me.

    I really hope the PJ attendees have a ball and I'll aim to see her for the next show!
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  9. Has there ever been a song as horny as Want You In My Room?

  10. A reliable leaker from another forum said none of the leaked songs including "Middle Of The Night" are being considered for Dedicated Side B.
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  11. No! That’s a bummer.
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  12. Does he know when it's coming??
  13. I think they said first half of 2020
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  14. Okay great! I think it's safe to assume it'll be the 1 year anniversary of Dedicated like with EMOTION Side B. So May 17, unless we hear otherwise.
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  15. Has there ever been a song as good as Want You In My Room?
  16. Little Of Mine not on Dedicated Side B? That sucks. I needed a version with some of the issues ironed out (I.e. the way it finishes too soon).
  17. I'd rather get 8+ new/unleaked songs than 'Little Of Mine'.
  18. A snippet of Disco Sweat leaked and the person who shared it says they're selling more songs from that incarnation of the album. Buckle up ghouls
  19. aux


    I still don't get this obsession with gay men hacking women's hard drives to sell their work.
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  20. Are there fans desperate enough to buy CRJ leaks? I can see Gaga or Lana fans putting down some dough on unreleased material. I think our fandom might be too small. I hope I'm wrong!
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