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Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by pop3blow2, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. I did the M&G in the US and it was individual photos.. other friends of mine at other dates got individual photos too, so I'm not sure why they are doing group photos now?!? I'd definitely be disappointed if I paid for a M&G and got a group photo.
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  2. They advertised Australia as a group photo, which is why I didn't buy them, but apparently they were individual shots on the day.
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  4. Aasflkjskdksjdf nooo I completely forgot about this. The trials us Kiss stans endured...
  5. I'm pretty stoked Carly is playing the Forecastle festival in my home city this summer! Pretty sure I'll be getting tickets for that.

    Some all-around great acts already announced with more to come:

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  6. Looks like you’re getting OMG live, lucky!
  7. And she's performing on the same day as Gryffin so you might get a live performance of OMG!!!
  8. That Sunday lineup is really strong
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  9. The VIP always said group photo, they just happened to do solo photos at some (most?) dates.
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  10. So sis just finished her very first club show in Amsterdam. I am a happy stan right now
  11. Setlist?
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  13. I like All that and Let's be Friends....
  14. I'm sorry All That is amazing and you can't handle it.
    And it wouldn't make sense for her not to perform her new single, which is a bop, and apparently better live.
  15. She sung Cry, All That and Lets Be Friends in Manchester. Don’t ask me about Happy Not Knowing.
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  17. Let's Be Friends really was great live yesterday. All That is beautiful but also quite a long song to have near the end of her set, and it went over like a lead balloon, just like the last time I saw her.

    Run Away With Me went all the way off and hearing hundreds of people sing and shout along was magical.
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  18. Let's Be Friends sounds great in a live setting. The studio version is mastered so bad that it's not even worth listening to. When she performed it on Saturday no one really knew the words aside from the chanty chorus bit.
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  19. Let's Be Friends went OFF live on Saturday.

    It's probably her worst song since Black Heart in studio form.
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