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Carly Rae Jepsen - The Loneliest Time

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 26, 2022.

  1. She's set. She's got a dedicated cult following, is a critical darling and her entire existence could be bankrolled by Call Me Maybe even if everything she does from now until the end of time flopped on its face.
  2. It really is. There are plenty of indie/rock acts who haven't had a big hit single or album anywhere for years (or in some cases, ever) and yet still make a very good living thanks to a loyal fanbase and regular touring/festivals. No reason why a pop artist such as Carly can't or shouldn't do the same.
  3. Agree with all this but at the same time I don't understand how she isn't reaching at least Robyn level status. And Carly actually releases music on a regular basis. But hey.
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  4. I'm sure there is a lot more to this than what I'm about to say, but Robyn/Max Martin pretty much dictated how late 90s/early 2000s mainstream pop would sound like. She had Britney, Xtina, Mandy Moore and a bunch of other blonde ladies trying to emulate her self-titled magnum opus from 1995. Call Me Maybe is an iconic song, but I don't think Carly is as influential as Robyn in any way.
  5. She has the 'it's cool to like" popstar factor. That is more than anyone could hope for.
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  6. I think Robyn is an example of how not releasing on a regular basis can actually work in your favour. The longer she's away, the hungrier her fans seem to get. If she announced a tour tomorrow it would sell in no time, even though she hasn't had anything you could call a hit in over a decade.
  7. Not yet, maybe. Look at how long it took folks to come round to appreciating Brandy and the way she pushed the boundaries of how R’nB pop music could sound like? Carly’s on the tastemakers’ radar. It could happen yet.
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  8. I think people don't realize how difficult it is to be successful in music. The really big stars we see basically hit the lottery, they are like 0.00000001% of all recording artists. The vast majority toils in obscurity. It takes an insane combination of talent, hard work, timing and pure luck to really make it. What I'm saying is that Carly is probably ecstatic to make a living out of her passion, have a solid fanbase and a good relationship with her label as opposed to the vast majority of acts who are stuck doing side jobs and touring shitty bars out of a van (if they're lucky).
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  9. Yep. As someone who is finishing up a debut album and about to put it on streaming platforms, I would kill to be in Carly's position.
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  10. Not the trade I picked up at the club coming back to my car and we were so hammered on gin and tonic so we just let the alcohol run its course while replaying this album TWICE (in the car) and then when he woke up, he asked me: “I don’t normally listen to pop music but who’s this? I love all the songs…”

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  11. Sam


    Bought my ticket for London

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  12. Who was driving?
  13. I just bit the bullet as well. Yet to find a friend to come with, but I will!
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  14. Nobody sis, we both just laid there in the car, not moving. Waiting for the come down before I drove. That’s why the album was on loop that it played twice! Sorry if I wasn’t clear earlier. Ddd

  15. Not that I’m accusing her or her team of anything as it’s such a little thing that different musicians could come up with, but I thought a YouTube video I was listening to had sampled Anxious initially.
  16. Both producers probably took the sample from the same royaltee free sample file, it's a fairly common practice in K-Pop and Hip Hop for example.

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  17. Mittens is playing in my work. I need to know who the hell curates this playlist.
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  19. She just announced a second Sydney show. The way I am tempted.
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  20. She’s so close to Asia!

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