Carly Rae Jepsen - The Loneliest Time

The way the songs just kept coming with no time in between! Not a moment for her to take in the applause and cheers. Bam, bam, move along. Humble queen.

I know! When i saw her during Emotion she was much more chatty... but it must be so overwhelming to have the whole venue screaming every word of every song. It feels like the intensity of her devotees is increasing with each album!
The way she packed the setlist (literally! 25 songs by my count) with old album tracks, deluxe bonus tracks and B sides and the crowd ate every single one of them up was a joy to witness.

Playing Call Me Maybe in the first half hour and following it with Stay Away (!) should not have worked but it did and it was fucking wonderful.
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The setlist was incredible. I literally forgot how many cast iron bangers she had. Julien into Talking To Yourself literally killed me. Then she brought me back to life with Bends. It was so thrilling and it really felt like fan service. She gave it her all and then some! Ladies; this is how you do a pop concert. I went alone and I was very anxious at first, but I'm so so glad I went! If you get a chance to see her go for it even if you don't quite feel up too it. It's given me such a boost, like, it was truly life affirming in every sense of the word.