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Carly Rae Jepsen - The Loneliest Time

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 26, 2022.

  1. I really like this and I can see myself loving it soon. It's gorgeous.
    And I hope she releases the album before I open the rate ddddd.
    EDIT: Oh and did y'all not get the breezy summer soundtrack you needed from Aly & AJ's album last year? Because it's perfect for that.
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  2. Easy, breezy, beautiful - Carlygirl

    When we only had the title I couldn’t stop thinking of it as a fart euphemism, but now (thankfully!) all I can picture is Carly twirling in loose garments in a field.
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  3. I like how she's supporting the usage of more abstract themes and a state of mind play in her music. This song is trippy and delightful.
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  4. This is so so great. A much needed push forward in sound; still signature Carly but filtered through a wistful, airy, feathery lens !? Like the aural equivalent of a warm summer breeze, blowing through Topanga Canyon. I can understand the criticisms about this being less “instant” than some would like, but the subtlety here is its biggest strength. The production reveals itself a little more with each listen. Then again, Aly & AJ’s “A Touch of the Beat…” remains one of my all-time favorites so it’s a hardly a surprise this resonates with me.
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  5. I really like the song. Rostam's production really is the highlight.

    I'm not sure if it's just me, but there's a line just before the guitar solo:

    "If I return to you in time my golden Arrow"

    The high note she sings sounds really sharp that it made me physically cringe. Anyone else catch that? I can't get over that part and it's made the song somewhat less enjoyable to listen to.
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  6. This is such a lovely song, I'm obsessed.
  7. This is excellent, Rostam’s production is perfect on it.

    This is what Solar Power should’ve sounded like
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  8. As expected, this is proving to be a wonderful grower.
  9. Still very obsessed with the song. Caught the video this morning and even if it’s just her prancing through fields I don’t mind it too much. The song is just so gorgeous.
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  10. Went for a long walk today and this played a couple times and it truly fit the mood so perfectly. I really hope Rostam produces the entire album because this is so lush. Wind power it out powering solar power!
  11. This is beautiful I've missed her so much.
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  12. Also kinda shocked that this isn’t a Sophie Muller directed MV. It has her signature trademark -running with flowing dresses.
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  13. I find Warm Blood to be a really smooth listen
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  14. Carly’s vocals bathed in that honey and milk production; so silky and sweet.

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  15. The video is simple but effective somehow. Like nothing happens but I do love watching Carly live her best Stevie Nicks tiptoe through the tulips fantasy teeb.
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  16. Gorgeous, gorgeous song. It's very warm, perfect for this moment of the year, reminds me a lot of HAIM.
    This is absolutely sending me, it's spot on!
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  17. I just hope the album follows up on this sound. It would be a shame for this single to be an outlier and the rest just usual Carly.
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  18. Im dying at how much I seemed to coordinate my romantic (windy) trip to California with the release of this song.

    I think its a really gorgeous and sweet song, and now it also has a special place in my heart. Ive had “comin in like a western wind” stuck in my head for days now. Thats my mom, and Im so proud!
  19. The way I noticed the wind blowing west on my morning walk and started singing this song.

    Queen of subliminal marketing.
  20. The western winds have already ear wormed their breezes into my brain. I'm hooked!

    I really do hope this is sonically indicative of the album. She's always had a variety of producers so it's not likely that Rostam produces the whole thing BUT I do hope we get at least a few more from their sessions. They're such a fantastic match!

    She works in Sweden often and did Now I Don't Hate California with Pontus and Patrik, so I'm hopeful her collaborators can successfully play in this soundscape.
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