Carly Rae Jepsen - The Loneliest Time

It didn’t come off as shade at all, it was hilarious. The show was excellent and her vocals were fantastic. I haven’t seen her live since 2015, and I was struck at how much she was reminding me of Kylie?! Never really made that parallel between them before, but it sort of hit me over the head.

The set list is pretty bulletproof, though there was a hilariously awkward audible groan from the audience when she did All That during the encore. It totally messed with the vibe set off from I Didn’t Just Come Here to Dance, and would’ve been more of a moment had it been elsewhere in the set.
Agreed with @popzone; the show last night was an absolute triumph! I can't stop recalling various moments as shimmering bright spots in the nearly two-hour set. It feels like we're all in a little club where these deep cut album tracks (and career highlights that are, in fact, labeled as b-sides) hit the audience like they're the globe-conquering hits they deserved to be. However, I didn't get a groan vibe for All That! It felt like a much needed breath-catch between bangers, and if she's going to levy a ballad of hers to an esteemed encore spot, it should be All That. Last night, too, she cut Window—which I think was a great choice for momentum near the end of the main set. She and the band (in terrific form—the live arrangements are a treat) just pummel us with joy bomb after joy bomb.

I'd seen Carly thrice before—twice on the E•mo•tion tour and for the Dedicated tour—and they were, of course, transcendent. But last night positively blew those out of the water for me. I don't know what she was doing over the pandemic, but her voice and stage presence are stronger than anytime I'd seen her prior. Furthermore, it feels like she's genuinely leveled up as a pop star. She remains her charming, slightly awkward, very odd self, but there's a confidence now that let her to commit to putting on a damn show. There's even a sort-of theatrical framing device for it, which I have to discuss but will put behind a tag in case anyone wants a surprise?
Okay, the evening is framed by an ANIMATED, CGI MOON, voiced by Carly, that is hilarious looking and occasionally just a touch creepy, but—at the top of the show, at the midpoint, and then at the show's end, THE MOON invites the audience to a cathartic experience—"if you need to escape, or if you need to feel something," it promised this was a safe space to do so. Any cringe or unintentional humor of it was thoroughly off-set by how completely on-brand, thoughtful, and careful such a message felt to contain and communicate Carly's songs and live experience. It was genuinely moving to have that intentionality spelled out, especially when there's still so much strangeness and complication around gathering at this evolved point in the pandemic. Its invitation really embodied what it's like to live with her music and its acute emotional intelligence. Plus, it's weird and funny. Carly's Mother G.O.A.T.! I loved it!

As it's been observed, there are only four Loneliest Hour cuts performed. This tour feels like a Dedicated (+ Side B) victory lap. So I'm very curious to see what she'll do on the other side of album release. Will the set list change to incorporate more of the album? The tour doesn't bear its name. Will she launch a Loneliest Hour tour... next summer/fall? Or... none of the above? Who knows!
Well, this gaining a bit of traction just resulted in a lot more people now being aware Carly's got a new album out on October 21st, so it would seem she won