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Carly Rae Jepsen - The Loneliest Time

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 26, 2022.

  1. Anyone who is debating going or not should definitely go to this show, it's her biggest production by a country mile and the setlist is fucking incredible. The energy last night was transcendent and she kept it up over nearly two hours of bangers.

    The best gig of hers for me was when she played Irving Plaza right after EMOTION, when you could tell it was just starting to dawn on her that something very very special was happening. That's sort of a once-in-a-career type of scenario, but last night came close to replicating that sort of glee.
  2. If anything she's shading herself nn. Like....
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  3. She plays for TWO HOURS?! I thought it was over at the costume change. Amazing, joyful, gay show. Go!
  4. Nn before I was happy going to the album release show and now I'm hoping she doesn't dump off a handful of older songs in favor of new ones to celebrate because the setlist is it.
  5. I remember she played for nearly 2 hours at the Dedicated tour. It constantly felt like “oh this must be nearing the end” and then, bam, another banger!
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  6. Supremely jealous of everyone getting to see the North American leg of the tour! Her late 2019 show in Sydney was the last live music I saw before the pandemic kicked off, and the memories of the pure, relentless joy from that night kept me going the long, dark months of lockdown.

    Hoping and the praying the rumours she will be playing WorldPride next year in Sydney are true. Getting to see her play a huge open-air concert would be a brilliant end to the Southern Hemisphere summer.
  7. Carly and Kylie on the same bill? This would kill the cig.
  8. [​IMG]

    Kinda impressive that Talking to Yourself has already creeped into her top 10 on Apple Music.
  9. See you at Alexandra Palace (horrible venue, but never mind!)
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  10. It’s interesting. Busy release day today with Bjork, George Michael, Shygirl etc, but what I really want to listen is The Loneliest Time. And I’m a casual fan!! Or I think I am.
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  11. LPT


    I got a seated ticket to the Dublin show! I'm so excited.
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  12. Oh hi that’s me playing it on a loop every day.
  13. She’s added a second Dublin date on the 4th for anyone interested!
  14. So at 10am on Ticketmaster I thought the Dublin show had sold out. So cig me panicked and bought the Q+A package for myself even though I don’t even want it but I didn’t want to miss seeing her. 15 minutes later I went on and standing was available so I got my friends tickets then and a new standing ticket for myself. So now I’ve 2 tickets for myself and spent an obscene amount.

    If anyone wants to buy my Q+A package ticket let me know and I’ll let it go below face value.

    I feel stupid for panicking and buying something I didn’t want.
  15. Oh this explains why I’ve so many tickets. I’ve tickets for both nights. I’m so stupid.
  16. LPT


    Thank you I got better seats for the Saturday evening!

    (I now have 6 tickets, I'm screaming! @Vasilios I'm back to pre covid messeries!)
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  17. Managed to get tickets for the Saturday show in Dub. I cannot wait to see her live for the first time.
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  18. Talking to Yourself was 100% the highlight of the show last night.
  19. The first set of Dublin tickets were gone instantly for me before they announced the second date but I got some tickets for Bristol for myself and my friends which was a breeze!
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  20. I’m tempted to take my Q&A package down from sale on Ticketmaster and just go both nights in Dublin. Is anyone else doing the Sunday night Q&A package from here? I’ve never done a meet and greet or anything before. I think I’d freeze if I had to ask Carly a question.

    Or else I’d put her on the spot and ask if she’ll ever release the Curiosity album.
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