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Carly Rae Jepsen - The Loneliest Time

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 26, 2022.

  1. Do it for the Tug of War fagurts.
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  2. Her Q&A from the Dedicated tour was a bit of a let down. I don't know if she will do this one the same but for that tour you sent in questions via email and she would pick around 3 to 4 to answer. If I remember correctly she answered questions such as her favorite color, book, and food. She also performed a little bit of Too Much as we were walking in and it ended with Feels Right. The actual concert was fantastic though!
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  3. THIS!! PopJustice Jepsies should form an allegiance in asking her about this in all the Q&As around the world.
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  4. She's put out two B-sides collections the past two album cycles. If she were able to release the full Curiosity album, I'm sure she would find a way. It's likely a label issue at this point, stemming from when she signed to Schoolboy and Interscope while she was already signed to 604 in Canada.
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  5. Imagine having a song as good as Disco Darling as just some unreleased track of yours. She is just so good at writing songs!
  6. At my Q&A on the Dedicated Tour everyone was given a slip of paper and 30 seconds to write down a single question. It was put into a glass jar and someone on the tour crew pulled out a couple and Carly went through them for a few minutes before the M&G pics.
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  7. M&G for Gimme Love tour (after individual photos/meets) everyone gathered and anyone could ask a question by raising hands and she answered about 10-15 questions (if memory serves?). Dedicated M&G we watched her soundcheck, you could write a question, questions put and pulled out of a jar she did about 7 questions and then individual meets and photos. I've heard that if things go smoothly with set-up, the venue, sound check..etc she answers more questions, spends more time with each person during individual photos. It's all time permitting.

    Both times she was incredibly lovely and charming. She asked for consent to hug me before our photo.. ffffff MOM stop making me blush! So down-to-earth. Not sure it will be the same with a pandemic but I'll be finding out for the Chicago show. Either way I highly recommend and can't imagine you'd ever regret doing it. Cheers.
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  8. We're getting another song, it seems.
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  9. We’re getting a new song this Friday and it’s:
    The Loneliest Time
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  10. 5-part string section? This song sounds immaculate
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  11. Sam


    Yes fucking please!
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  12. That description sounds like a PopJustice wet dream so I am very perched.
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  13. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    But is it warm?
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  14. You can't tell me that second photo isn't Jade Jolie
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  15. Does anyone know if it’s going to be a local release?
  16. Out in New Zealand!
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  17. Yeah this is excellence, some of the most beautiful production/melodies she’s ever put out, and her and Rufus sound so at home together. A triumph, it’s gotten me stupidly excited for the album!
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  18. I don't think the feature quite works, the vocal processing is a bit too much for me, especially on Rufus, but the production is really fresh and different for her! It's really lovely and romantic, cinematic in a way that fits being an album closer.
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  19. I really loved the title track. It might be my favourite out of the ones that we’ve heard so far.
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  20. I think it's cute. It's a bit iconique that none of her male vocal features really gel that well with her voice, but I quite enjoy this one anyway.
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