Carly Rae Jepsen - The Loveliest Time / The Loneliest Time

What about the deal would be hideous? She’s able to release music fairly regularly, albums followed by entire companion albums since Emotion, seems like a pretty decent deal from the outside looking in.

They mean they keep her because they make money off her ticket sales whiich is kinda hideous.
Even if she is on a 360, she's never once hinted that she's unhappy contractually (and doesn't exactly do gruelling year-round touring schedules anyway). Despite being a niche popstar she'll be earning a really good living off existing tracks and live income, compared to some of her peers.

The fact she gets to release companion albums every era and some of our faves even struggle to manage one release.. that's a good enough sign they've found her lane and can budget accordingly. These aren't expensive campaigns now.
I just don’t get how she’s not bigger. Obviously no one is expecting Taylor, Beyoncé or (insert your fave big pop girl) numbers from her. But a chart run of 19 - out for an artist with her level of quality output, (which isn’t even super niche or experimental), fairly positive reviews, dedicated fan base, consistent touring etc. It just doesn’t make sense to me.
Her first week US sales were what, just over 20K? I didn’t see her Japanese numbers and everything else is loose change down the back of the sofa to the majors. Bringing in a couple of hundred grand in music sales isn’t going to keep the suits happy so they must be taking a cut elsewhere.

I guess having had a massive hit early on in her career means she isn’t in perma-debt to Interscope and she isn’t taking big advances to fund the albums. Probably the numbers work out differently for her vs. the majority of artists.
Okay but imagine having the liberty to create top-notch, trend setting pop music while not being put under the pressure of selling hundreds of thousands or else. Not many girls have that.

It's like she did give us Disco Sweat ... just sprinkled throughout the last 3 albums huh? Ok, Carls troll Jorpson, werk.

Everything He Needs
Now That I Found You
This Is What They Say
Happy Not Knowing
Summer Love
Fake Mona Lisa
Beach House
So Nice
Bad Thing Twice
Shooting Star
The Loneliest Time

(Feels Right)(Window)(Heartbeat) - Could also work here imo
It has recently come to my attention that this is actually one of the very best albums of this year. The way she stays drama-free and effortlessly release top-notch bops at whims is so magical.

I’m entirely obsessed with the transition from Go Find Yourself or Whatever to The Loneliest Time. It’s how the latter track comes to heal you like a warm balm after the devastation, with just enough hint of melancholy. Masterclass! Also, I hope all of you sensitive girlies are including Bends in Carly’s all time top 5!
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I love the synth switch-ups throughout (So Nice-3:38 mark, Anxious-2:30 mark, Keep Away-2:37 mark...etc) that feel related but not uniform. Same with the guitar sections on Talking to Yourself and Western Winds. Her song writing is always great, but the production is especially fantastic and really elevating this project for me. Definitely some of her best work ever imo.