Carly Rae Jepsen - The Loveliest Time / The Loneliest Time

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Can't stop feelin' the rain before the thunder

I thought it through...

and I wanna do a bad thing twice!

I'm selling my 2 general admission tickets to the Manchester gig if anyone wants them! Only looking for face value.
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We need to pray for a re-shuffled set list which includes the highlights of the new album (Bad Thing Twice, Sideways, Keep Away) and some unexpected deep cuts (Warm Blood, Happy Not Knowing, Comeback).

I saw her at Somerset House last summer and that was very hit heavy, so am looking for some more left-field choices. She can keep Cut to the Feeling. Forever.
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I'm 100% positive her setlist will have new additions from the new album. The only downside is the current setlist is so good. I'm scared to see what songs she will have to drop to make room for the new ones.
She did Bends and I bawled.

And she did Bad Thing Twice.

Full set list in the wrong order:

Surrender My Heart

Bad Thing Twice

Go Find Yourself Or Whatever

So Nice

For Sure

Now That I Found You


Call Me Maybe

Emotion/Favourite Colour

Run Away With Me

I Didn’t Just Come Here To Dance

When I Needed You

The Loneliest Time

Cut To The Feeling

Summer Love

Stay Away


I Really Like You

Want You In My Room

Talking To Yourself

Beach House

Western Wind

Shooting Star

A song with her support act

Devastated at no Warm Blood. But I’m glad I’m going again tomorrow to take it all in.
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