Carly Rae Jepsen - The Loveliest Time / The Loneliest Time

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Pretty sure it was the same set list from Bristol (still no Comeback or any amount of Bad Things, sad face).

I once again can’t resist saying how hard Stay Away goes live. I need this heavier version in studio form.


She could at least have done Your Type and Cry since it was the last show. Manchester can fuck off

anyway, that was great. She nailed it. Set list was a bit patchy but the bops bopped off x
I still don't love Ally Pally as a venue, but she killed it tonight - felt like the energy never dipped for a second, even with the slower songs. And she could easily have gone on another 30-45 minutes.
Justice for Cry.

Great show, she’s an absolute pro at this point.

EDIT: Just looked back at my videos of tonight and realised she got given a sword at the end. She’s so game I love her.
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Yeah that was fantastic, apologies if I was near anyone from here as I was singing along to almost every word (just played back my videos eek). Felt so good to be in a room with a bunch of people that appreciated the same stuff I do! (I don't go out much, not in a sad way). At least the support being... that let me empty my bladder before Carly came on! Lonliest Time live really popped off!

I kind of wish the confetti was saved for later though?

I was inspired by the moon and the magic (Oh, I, Oh, I, Oh)…sword photo I took tonight and decided to combine Carly with some of my favourite gaming imagery.
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