Carly Rae Jepsen - The Loveliest Time / The Loneliest Time

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The most special thing about Carly isn't just that her melodies are absolutely impeccable, it's how she sings them. Other artists could sing her songs but they'd have half the impact 'cause Carly sings from her fucking guts. You can hear the passion in every line, but at certain times she turns it up so much that it sounds like her whole life is on the line.
Anything To Be With You reminds me of Gwen and Amerie all at once. It’s a strange combination, but not one I’m opposed to.

Kamikaze, though. She really is determined to tear every single follicle from my scalp, huh?
The bridge on Psychedelic Switch reminds me of Gwen, the melody makes me think of U Started It.
Beach House: SNL-skit-ass song with the cheapest instrumental she has put her voice to (and she owns Tug Of War); lyrics with such refined humour that it would make your great-aunt Gertha from Florida send in the family group chat "I cannot believe how witty this lady is! A knee slapper"; male vocals which instantly transform the song into DNCE - Cake By The Ocean (derogatory) but leaving it short of a memorable chorus; and worst of all, she sounds bored and the energy is flat and stuffy.

Anything To Be With You: Octaves! References! Experimentalism! Opening up an album with a brash, fun, explosive piece of 2000's R&B tinged Pop that is probably forcing Beyoncé to shuffle through her folder of almost-ready demos and look for anything akin to Green Light she still has lying around that she can include on Act II of her album. It's warm, it's blithe, it's a London summer afternoon (42ºC and people yelling at each other).


This is obviously all in jest girls, I bop to Beech Hois.
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