Carly Rae Jepsen - The Loveliest Time / The Loneliest Time

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The era feels extra special for me because she said multiple times in the press that this is the first project (Loveliest Time) where her label just gave her complete freedom and said you pick all the songs, we don't have an opinion or agenda. And this immaculate collection of songs is what she chose. One of her best albums yet. Even over a decade after Maybe, her instincts are so sharp. She just gets it.
The kii that I didn’t even like this album and it still ended up in my Top 3 for Apple Replay.
and Carly won!
This might just be her best album. It's like Emotion's cooler, sadder, badder sister whose still a hopeless romantic but listens to Sky Ferreira, Tame Impala and takes physcadelics. The songwriting is just as emotionally impactful and intelligent, the production as dynamic, slick and lush. There's just something irresistible about it but there's a darkness here that was hinted at before but fully delved into here. It's like she's come full circle but in the most exciting way. I can't wait to see what's next.
Carly was my top artist ONCE again, my top 5 wasn’t littered with her but Kamikaze made it in behind The Most Basic Gay Top Two Possible - Padam & Rush.
I feel like the reception this this album (and its counterpart) were somewhat...muted...but I loved both from the jump. They're probably my favorites by her at this point? But when the quality of her output is so consistently high, there's not much of a gap between any of her releases in terms of favoritism from me really.
I'm devastated I won't be attending her show here in Brazil tonight. I was just in Rio for the RBD concert and flight tickets are extremely expensive and I couldn't make it work.
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