Carly Rae Jepsen - The Loveliest Time / The Loneliest Time

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It somehow does not feel like there is a new Carly Rae Jepsen album coming tomorrow? I know she’s in reality an incredible niche artist, but I would have expected even a modicum of hype on gay Twitter!

I’m sure I’m not alone in having very much struggled to build up a coherent vision of what this album’s world will look like. Perhaps that and the fact that Beach House is dreadful, and Talking To Yourself was disposable after a day of being hammered, are the reasons my excitement doesn’t quite feel all there.
Next month, babes!
I'm going to see mom tonight in Cleveland with Bleachers. Also going Nov 5th in Chicago for my birthday. I just realized this means I'm going to the first and last date of the US tour. Never done that before and couldn't be more excited.
Her tour starts tomorrow! She's confirmed Fake Mona Lisa via her Instagram stories and Favourite Colour
Favourite Colour is top 10 Carly for me. Ready to ascend!
Set list so far

This love isn't crazy
Let's sort the whole thing out
Runaway with me
Too much
Talking to yourself
Sweaty Carly says: *I need some wind happening to give me those Beyonce vibes*
Favorite colour interlude
Call Me Maybe
Stay Away
Comeback w Jack Antonoff
Western Wind
I really like you
Want you in my room
Now that I found you
For sure *party for one outro*... It works!
*New song* slow song *go find yourself or whatever*(I think) (she's pretty)
Beach House
Boy Problems into fake mona Lisa (mash up) *holy shit*
When I needed you
I didn't just come here to Dance!!!!!
Cut to the feeling - finale

This is fucking amazing! I'm overwhelmed
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Just got back from the Bleachers/Carly Toronto show and I'm buzzing, it was so good. Go Find Yourself or Whatever was so pretty, gave me Tug of War (the album) and Western Wind leaning vibes. So excited to hear all of the other musical directions she goes with this album. Can't wait!!
Her show was so fun tonight! I saw her in 2019 for the Dedicated tour and I don't know if i'm imagining things but I feel like her stage presence has only skyrocketed since then. I haven't been following this new era very closely but Talking To Yourself is definitely my favourite song from the upcoming album. The new acoustic one she played sounded really promising too. And I forgot how much "I Didn't Just Come Here To Dance" went off, a bop! Moment of the night though was definitely this crowd shot of these two wine moms getting their absolute life to "Want You in My Room", absolutely iconic. Anyone who was there tonight please tell me you saw that dd.
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