Carly Rae Jepsen - The Loveliest Time / The Loneliest Time

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The disrespect from her own label...
What the hell
Boston was another thoroughly stellar performance from CRJ and the band. Sold out venue but the Monday night crowd were a bit flat and not close to matching the intensity of the Hammerstein Ballroom shows three years ago.

Boston gays < New York City gays

Warm Blood, a chugging monster of a deep cuts,
I saw her last night in Boston and she put on an even better show since the last few times I saw her. I love the screen behind her, although the rest of the stage looks a little arts and crafty, it was so cute and it works for me!

PS - Let's Sort The Whole Thing Out is amazing.
I hope there’ll be plenty of standing left for Dublin on Friday morning. Getting nervous now.

Also I’ve convinced 2 straight male friends to go with me. The power of Emotion and Call Me Maybe making them want to go is impressive.
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