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Carly Rae Jepsen - "Western Wind" + 5th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jan 26, 2022.

  1. Sam


    I need you all to keep Solar Power out of your goddamn mouths
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  2. Western Wind is addictive and my go-to when I want something to soundtrack a wistful walk to Walgreens.

    But I'm also ready for more - more new music, info about the new album, etc.
  3. I just hope that this album has a solid soundscape to it. I love that Emotion is so consistent (except like LA Hallucinations). I didn't really care either way about I Really Like You, but once I heard it in the context of the album I was all for it. Dedicated is a collection of many great songs and Feels Right, but it doesn't feel cohesive to me. Dedicated Side B does though! I love the warm, breezy, spacious sound of Western Wind and I'm all for an album that's crunchy, but make it Carly.
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  4. The only bad song she has is Beautiful, but she didn't write it so it's okay.
  5. Warm Blood is my favorite song of hers so needless to say I absolutely adore this, certainly one of the best songs of her career. Her vocal performance is probably her best ever, and Rostam seems to push her to work more abstract themes, which is welcome.

    I don't see this as a considerable shift in her sound at all, in fact, I've been waiting since 2015 for her to pick a new thread from where Warm Blood left off.

    I expect the result of her more repetitive, hookier, catchier songs with his organic instrumentation to be something like Haim's Don't Wanna, and that excites me.
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  6. Me coming like a western wind with “Western Wind” despite living in the Central Europe.

  7. Good Lorde, I thought we put these hysterics to rest when the song came out?

    Tea is, the unmet expectations some put on a 3rd album from a 25 year old that's rightfully still honing their creative agency and artistic preferences has nothing to do with Carly Rae Jepsen. Any ptsd aversion to fields and sunlight is unfounded here.

    Carly is a veteran at this point. With side Bs, she's released over 6 albums worth of material. If anything, her level of quality control is more like Tove Lo. Consistently anywhere from good to incredible. There's no reason to be afraid. It's ok to go outside. Be carefree. Frolic. Let yourself be swept away by the lovely Western Winds.
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  8. I never thought I would want Carly's version of this but here I am ascending.

    The video aesthetic is pretty much Never Really Over without a story but I'm always open to a Stevie Nicks except if she liked cornfields and sunflowers instead of crescent moons and witches fantasy.
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  9. What song does this remind me of? Pop female girlie 2000s? Something with 'when you slammed the door' lyric?
  10. The sample on this makes it sound so fresh even today, honestly wild that it's stood the test of time.
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  11. My only point is that any artist can miss. I don't actually believe this will be a Solar Power situation and I have no reason think that the album won't be good. But people were literally saying "Lorde is incapable on not putting out great music" and then she totally put out not great music.
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  12. Gen Z is dragging the song on TikTok. It’s over.
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  13. This is a good thing. It means we can finally openly be fans of her again without being associated with people who would stan Kim Petras!
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  14. Some points were made here.
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  15. This is Carly Rae we're talking about not Billie Eilish. Call Me Maybe was their kindergarten sing-a-long and they don't remember Runaway With Me going viral on Vine in grade school, because...what's a Vine? Any exposure (positive/negative) for her to Gen Z or on TikTok is not really a bad thing. Any press is good press.
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  16. Eastern Wind? Tired.
    Northern Wind? COOKED.
    Southern Wind? Smells like shit!!

    Western Wind?
  17. Carly performed at a music festival in Mexico today and sang Summer Love for the very first time.

    Hoping she adds more Dedicated Side B and Emotion Side B songs to her setlist in the near future.
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  18. Hope Summer Love stays on that set list!

    In other news, not her announcing a Toronto show with Bleachers… three days before I arrive to Toronto for the first time ever. What could have been.
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  19. She always has the Right Words Wrong Time.

  20. Did not know she was going to be in Cleveland too! Might need to make the drive depending on how much tix are...hmmm
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