Carly Raete Jepsen: 15 Years Of Pop Perfection - Announcement

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Leaderboard Tea (#2)
At 20 Voters (@daninternational @AllGagaLike @Sprockrooster @MilesAngel @Sean_ius @soratami @BubblegumBoy @Sabrettes @unnameable @VitaminBee)

- the #1 song had an average of 9.87, and was the same song
- the song at #110 had an average of 5.9625 and was different than the song getting eliminated today
- there were 14 songs with a 9+ average and 16 songs with an average below 6
- there were 5 albums in the top 10
- there were 4 albums in the bottom 10
- the highest average for an album from voters was 9.735 and the lowest was 1
- the highest average for an album overall was 8.7 and the lowest was 5.236
- 14 songs had recieved an 11 across 4 albums
- 102 songs had recieved a 10
- 7 songs had recieved 0s

I hope everyone still enjoys reading these even though the rate has alreay started! I always find them interesting personally myself, even if we're in the middle of it all!
I think I liked Bucket a lot more when I was a teenager than I do now but it’s still cute.

As far as Tug of War songs go though…Sunshine On My Shoulders has no business leaving after some of the already eliminated songs, sorry.
Sweetie, Take a Picture, and Runaways next please.

These are all great songs wtf. I'd hope none of them go anytime soon.

I'm hoping these are among the next eliminations:

Tug Of War
6. Sunshine On My Shoulders
10. Sour Candy

5. Good Time (with Owl City)
11. Guitar String/Wedding Ring
12. Your Heart Is A Muscle
18. Melt With You

Last Christmas
It's Not Christmas Till Somebody Cries​

My only scores below 7 left.
These are all great songs wtf. I'd hope none of them go anytime soon.

I'm hoping these are among the next eliminations:
12. Your Heart Is A Muscle​

Well Bucket is the best thing of Tug of War honestly and it's 'only' an 8/10, not too much to be sour about considering the album was always tabbed to be obliterated, but I scored it much higher than many songs on the later albums.
#110 - Sunshine On My Shoulders: 6.1385
Sunshine On My Shoulders.jpg
(found on Google)
Highest: 3x9s (@Sprockrooster @unnameable @eddy2375) 1x8.8 (@pop3blow2) 1x8.25 (@AllGagaLike)
Lowest: 1x1 (@2014) 1x2 (@LoveMachine) 2x3s (@popscene @Ana Raquel)
My Score: 7
Favorite Lyric: Eh.
5 Voters: #106 (6.2)
10 Voters: #112 (5.1)
15 Voters: #110 (5.6)
20 Voters: #111 (5.9)
25 Voters: #111 (6.14)
30 Voters: #109 (6.193)
35 Voters: #110 (6.1657)
39 Voters: #110 (6.1385)
Total Points: 239.4
Sunshine On My Shoulders is a song originally performed by John Denver, written by him, Dick Kniss and Mike Taylor. It was released as a single in May 1973 from the album Poems, Prayers & Promises. Carly's cover was produced by Ryan Stewart, track 6 on Tug Of War and was the album's lead single, released on June 16th, 2008. It did not chart on the Canadian Hot 100 (or anywhere else ddd.)

This cover is cute. The song is cute. The lyrics are cute. The production is nice and laidback and cute. And that's all I feel about this song. It's a little boring, it's a little nothingy in the context of her discography especially, and it's a bit of a bummer that this is her debut single. I don't really have anything else to say. I don't know anything about John Denver other than he died in a plane crash and I know that because of Final Destination. Sooo yeah. Goodbye to this song.

@daninternational (6) is with me on this: Interesting vibe from her, stands out in a positive way but I don';t think I'll return to it This is how I feel too. I never use this song. @pop3blow2 (8.8) thinks the song is consistent with who she is: An early sign of her wonderful weirdness. Of course she would cover a random John Denver song & make it her first single. Flop instincts intact from the beginning. dd I love her weirdness but this song is meh ddd. And @unnameable (9) keeps it simple: I like a good John Denver Cover I'm glad you enjoy it!