Carly Raete Jepsen: 15 Years Of Pop Perfection - Eliminations Resume!!! #55!!!

#109 - Runaways: 6.212
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Highest: 3x10s @CorgiCorgiCorgi @Sprockrooster @Maria) 1x9.5 (@pop3blow2) 2x8.5s (@unnameable @Music Is Life & Death)
Lowest: 1x2 (@slaybellz) 3x3s (@saviodxl @muddleddreams @fatyoshi) 1x3.5 (@If You Go)
My Score: 8.5
Favorite Lyric: The leaves are gonna change us when they start to fall (Not sure why, I just really love this.)
5 Voters: #101 (6.5)
10 Voters: #110 (5.45)
15 Voters: #108 (5.75)
20 Voters: #107 (6.1375)
25 Voters: #106 (6.25)
30 Voters: #110 (6.192)
35 Voters: #111 (6.136)
39 Voters: #109 (6.212)
Total Points: 242.25
Runaways was written by Dana Parish, Andrew Hollander and Carly and produced by Andrew. The song was written for the movie Ballerina (also known as Leap!), in which Carly voices a character, Odette. It is played during the end credits of the movie.

This is a gorgeous ballad. Carly sounds great, I love how it builds with the piano and it's just a really sweet song. The melodies are catchy and memorable and the lyrics are sad and engaging. It all comes together and works really well. I never expected it to do well, since it's pretty unknown and not on streaming. Honestly I'm not even sure it was actually released since it's not numbered in the tracklist for the soundtrack on Genius. But almost top 100 is pretty good I think.

@LoveMachine (5) is about to learn something new: I've never heard of this and I was convinced it's a cover (the lyrics are kinda unusual for her), but Google isn't giving me anything. Other than that, I don't think it's very interesting. Not a cover! Which makes it more interesting to me. I'm assuming the lyrics are inspired by the movie's plot but I haven't watched it ddd. @daninternational (8) makes a comparison: Basic, but pretty. Like me? Exactly. And @pop3blow2 (9.5) makes a couple points: She really has few proper classic piano ballads. When you hear this you want more, but it also makes it all the more special. Yeah. I do want more like this from her but this is such a great outlier.

I rated this too low (7). I must've not been in the mood for it when I did my votes, because I've always been fond of it and I think it's really great! Sad to see it go so early.

As far as I know it's never been released, it was in the movie but never on a soundtrack/as a single etc. As far as I remember, it "leaked" via the producer's website where he embedded it.
Bucket has grown on me since scoring. I like that it uses the old children's song 'There's a hole in my bucket' as a starting point, but creates a new song around it.

For some reason the original Sunshine On My Shoulders makes me sad, but not in a good way. I don't feel the same listening to Carly's version which is good, but I still wouldn't seek it out.

The verses of Runaways are actually quite good, but not a fan of the chorus. Also, I hate circuses and that lyric has me thinking; 'that's what you might do?'
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Runaways was a great discovery, it definitely deserved better. I was trying to recall where I'd seen Ballerina/Leap! mentioned in the forum and then I remembered - Runaways isn't the only song Carly contributed to the soundtrack. The other one was... Cut to the Feeling. Crazy how that might have never seen the light of day if it wasn't for this film.
#108 - Money & The Ego: 6.241
Money & The Ego.jpg
(found on Google)
Highest: 2x10s (@unnameable @RUNAWAY) 1x9.25 (@Music Is Life & Death) 3x8s (@CorgiCorgiCorgi @eddy2375 @pop3blow2)
Lowest: 1x3 (@LoveMachine) 4x4s (@DJHazey @Ana Raquel @slaybellz @cdd216) 1x4.5 (@2014)
My Score: 9.25
Favorite Lyric: Make my house of bricks and I'll stick here when the world comes crashing down around me. (They're just really great opening lines that immediately capture my attention.)
5 Voters: #110 (6.1)
10 Voters: #109 (5.48)
15 Voters: #109 (5.653)
20 Voters: #108 (6.02)
25 Voters: #110 (6.156)
30 Voters: #108 (6.197)
35 Voters: #107 (6.204)
39 Voters: #108 (6.241)
Total Points: 243.4
*sigh* And another one falls. Money & The Ego was once again written by Carly and Ryan Stewart and produced by the latter. It was included as track 3 on Carly's debut album Tug Of War.

This is great! I love the rhythm of it all and how it flows with the melodies. The guitars in the production are wonderful, and the drums add some nice boppability to everything. The chorus is catchy as hell and the lyrics as a whole are interesting. The bridge is probably the best part. The way it all builds into it and turns into a rallying vry is wonderful. Anthemic, catchy, arresting and engaging. That's what I think about this song and I honestly underscored it, a little at least. It's still not quite a 10 but it's close. This should have been a single over Sunshine On My Shoulders, but not the lead. I'll talk about what should have been the lead much later.

A couple of you had a similar idea about this song. @VitaminBee (5.6): This song has a very “it will show up on a CBC original series”. It’s decent but nothing to write home about. and @SyPOPhantic (6): Sounds like a song I would hear from a Canadian / CBC show, the ending gave it a +.5 I don't know, maybe I'm off-base here, but that doesn't sound like a compliment dddd. @daninternational (6.75) praises her vocals: Her voice sounds good here, but the song is a bit generic A bop is a bop and this is bopping, generic or not. @Sprockrooster (7) seems to agree: A bit of a dime in dozen and faceless. But nonetheless it is great background music while working. I don't know, I can't really hear anyone else putting this out at the time. @pop3blow2 (8) praises her writing: Underrated lyricist. This really doesn’t go many places, though. The song may noy, but it takes me places, that's for sure. An @unnameable (10) loses a fave: the song I love most from early Carly Taste. I'm sorry for your loss and I hope you'll be okay.

#107 - It’s Not Christmas Till Somebody Cries: 6.269
It's Not Christmas Till Somebody Cries.jpg
Highest: 1x9.5 (@Music Is Life & Death) 3x9s (@GimmeWork @Sean_ius @unnameable) 8x8s (@saviodxl @daninternational @BubblegumBoy @eddy2375 @If You Go @DinahLee @Ana Raquel @RUNAWAY)
Lowest: 1x2.5 (@MilesAngel) 1x3 (@Heartthrob) 1x3.5 (@muddleddreams)
My Score: 9.5
Favorite Lyric: My uncle made it worse by talking politics. I had a few opinions, might have started a fight. (Both funny and relatable. Queen!)
5 Voters: #106 (6.2)
10 Voters: #106 (5.85)
15 Voters: #104 (6.03)
20 Voters: #102 (6.285)
25 Voters: #105 (6.348)
30 Voters: #107 (6.417)
35 Voters: #108 (6.2)
39 Voters: #107 (6.269)
Total Points: 244.5
It's Not Christmas Till Somebody Cries was written by Carly, James Flannigan, CJ Baran & Ben Romans and produced by the latter two. It was a one-off single released on October 30, 2020. It did not chart anywhere.

Ummm why is this so low? It's an absolute bop and completely hilarious. Like, this is CAMP. The groove of it is very bouncy and fun, the fingersnaps and electric beats throughout are really fun, the backing vocals are playful, Calry sounds like she's having a blast and the melodies are all catchy as hell. Like, I get that we're not anywhere near that time of year but what I like about the song is it doesn't feel too wintery. Like, it can be listened to any time of year no matter the weather. I'm honestly wondering if you all just hate fun because this deserved way better and there are several songs that could have left before it. It's honestly crazy how low this is since it has the most highest scorers so far, if I recall correctly.

Only two of you had something to say about this. @lilylu (7) has high standards for Carly: This song is annoying but I'm still giving it a 7 hehe. A Carly 7 is pretty much an anyone else 9. True! Your faves could never. And @daninternational (8) is humming this year-round: I get this stuck in my head too often. It's not a modern day classic, but it's a very solid entry into the pantheon Valid, it's extremely catchy.