Carly Raete Jepsen: 15 Years Of Pop Perfection - Eliminations Resume!!! #55!!!

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The "I Wanna LIVE... tonight! I wanna save... the Li-i-ight" part alone is at least a 9 for me. And to think that she delivered such a gem under those circumstances? Diabolical genius.
Tug Of War: 7.795
Tug Of War Album Cover.jpgCarly's debut album is an outlier in her discography. Instead of the fizzy, synthy, dance pop that she would utilize - and perfect - on later releases, Tug Of War has a more organic, folklier, acoustic production, but her knack for melodies and smart lyrics are still present across the 11 songs here. It's a solid enough album, and she fits in the soundscape well, but it doesn't give her the chance to truly shine, and as a result, her debut overall pales in comparison to the rest of her discography. That doesn't mean there aren't still quite a few highs to be found here though. The title track is stuffed with so many hooks, it'll be stuck in your head before the first listen is over, Bucket has a quirky appeal to it that makes it rather charming, Tell Me has a gorgeous subtlety to it that helps it build wonderfully even in it's short runtime and standard album closer Sour Candy has a wonderfully perfect amount of drama thanks to the delivery from Carly and feature Josh Ramsay. I'll be honest, I don't really have a lot to say about this album. It's nice and in some ways a good indicator of the brilliance to come, but it inspires the least amount of feeling from me and ends up being my least favorite project from her. I like it, but rarely return to it. I still fear for a few of the songs here though, and hope they get the justice they deserve.
1. Bucket - 8.5
2. Tug Of War - 10
3. Money & The Ego - 9.25
4. Tell Me - 9.5
5. Heavy Lifting - 7
6. Sunshine On My Shoulders - 7
7. Wordly Matters - 6
8. Sweet Talker - 5
9. Hotel Shampoos - 6
10. Sour Candy - 9.25
11. I Still Wonder - 8.25
Just listened to the Dear You EP for the first time and it's actually very cute. Interesting to hear Carly in that early 00s singer-songwriter soundscape, since she only became popular well after that period. It reminds me of Jewel quite a bit, I wouldn't be surprised if she was a big inspiration for Carly in the early days.
Where is 1UL?

Also, I noticed the Curiosity EP is actually on Spotify despite not being on the playlist (I had to Google it though, it didn't appear in Carly's page for some reason), though a couple of the songs are greyed out

I don't think it's on Spotify U.S. but I will check and add it if it is!
Where is 1UL?

I don't even know what this is referring to ddd.