Carly Raete Jepsen: 15 Years Of Pop Perfection - Eliminations Resume!!! #55!!!

Kiss and the Extras have been done dirty. Love the sheer love shown for Emotion and its Side B. I personally think the right Dedicated songs have stayed in, as I think Now That I Found You/ Want You In My Room/ Too Much make a sugar rush of perfection, while Happy Not Knowing and Real Love express sadder emotions to perfection.
In the moment, I was hypnotized...

You can go ahead and open your eyes...

#56 - After Last Night : 8.317

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Highest: 2x10s @GimmeWork @popscene 1x9.7 @VitaminBee 3x9.5s @eatyourself @AllGagaLike @Remyky22 2x9s @Sean_ius @soratami
Lowest: 1x6.5 @If You Go
Music Is Life & Death Score: 7.5
My Score: 10

Another track with good friend Rostam (Warm Blood, Western Wind, Shadow), I just love everything about this! It almost sounds like a video game or like Carly recorded it inside a pin-ball machine. The rapid drum beat is nuts! The descending arpeggio on the bridge is delicious. The strings sections are lush and wonderful. The beat change on the chorus is *chef’s kiss* It’s just 3 and ½ minutes of pure energy flying at you. Carly described the track saying it, “sounds like a musical in space” and that “Rostam and me had conversations where he was like, “I don’t think there’s any other artist who could put out this one. We Should do it. Let’s enjoy the fact that it is a little bit over the top and that you kind of need to move your body when you listen to it.” I definitely wish this one would have lasted a bit longer, but at least it has a strong 8+ average.

@popscene (10) "One of Carly's best. I love the way it changes signatures from the skittishness of the verses to the trip-hoppy chorus. It perfectly captures the rush of early love, which she does so brilliantly."

@daninternational (8.25) "Straightforward nice enough song, appreciate the interesting production"

@Ana Raquel (7) "I adore the beginning; I don't adore the rest."

We only just started, don't say it's the end...

So call me your lover, don't call me your friend...

#55 - Body Language : 8.321

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Highest: 9x10s @eatyourself @GimmeWork @Shockbox @MilesAngel @Sean_ius @unnameable @Maria @RUNAWAY @slaybellz 1x9.75 @daninternational 8x9s @popscene @BubblegumBoy @eddy2375 @If You Go @Ana Raquel @klow @Remorque @Music Is Life & Death
Lowest: 1x5 @DJHazey 3x6s @CorgiCorgiCorgi @LoveMachine @Sprockrooster
Music Is Life & Death Score: 9
My Score: 10

Written with Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) and produced with TMS (Little Mix, Dua Lipa, Lewis Capaldi..etc), I love everything about this. The 80’s rush of it all! It’s an absolute dance party from start to finish. Massive bawp/borderline banger! It’s confident, it’s coy, it’s instructive with a wink and it’s so much fun especially when the anthemic “think we’re over thinking it” shout sections come in. I’m very glad she had songs like this and First Time (more on that later) on side B that don’t even try to have a “contemporary slant”, that are straight homages to this 80’s dance sound… The way the production feels very unapologetically Whitney, Gloria..etc It’s a sound that side A doesn’t really cover that is so joyous and essential to that time in music.

I will also always have a special place in my heart for this song because back in 2018 before Nina West was a Ru Girl, she did local shows here in my hometown (Columbus, Ohio) and in one of those shows an awesome local artist/queen Barbie Roberts ( did an absolutely hilarious performance as Ariel from the Little Mermaid and used “Daddy Issues” by Demi and “Body Language” by Carly. Girl, she got my drunk doll-hairs that night!

@daninternational (9.75) "Every song that mentions Body Language is a bop, but this
isn't quite Poor Unfortunate Souls"

@pop3blow2 (8.9) "Maybe a tad basic, but still fun."

Love Again - 8.25. This has sweet and uplifting lyrics, which I appreciate loads, but they could be seen as trite. However the intricate production flourishes, and the lovely chorus melody raise it above the average.

Come Over - 8.25. I adore the very 70s vibe to this track, but I wish the lyrics were slightly deeper. My favourite parts are the guitar licks, but the bass takes it to another level.

After Last Night - 8.75. I love that Carly embraced late 90s/early 00s Drum 'n Bass, which was something very different for her. Then 2/3 through the track becomes extra 'dreamy,' before returning to the drum 'n bass to finish. So many textures!
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Turn Me Up - 10. This is one of the poppiest and catchiest choruses in the discography. It's so feelgood despite some regret in the lyrics, but she's going to be alright.

This Love Isn't Crazy - 10. One of Carly's best outings into electronica, but it's used subtly, building up and ebbing and flowing until the last minute, when it goes all out.
I wanna touch your heart, I wanna crush it in my hands...

Make you plead and cry, as you give up all the lies...

#54 - Tonight I'm Getting Over You : 8.333

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Highest: 1x11 @daninternational 10x10s @eatyourself @CorgiCorgiCorgi @soratami @sabrettes @Ana Raquel @Remorque @aux @FunkyButChic @Heartthrob @Music Is Life & Death 2x9.5s @Sean_ius @pop3blow2 8x9s @GimmeWork @Sprockrooster @unnameable @Maria @eddy2375 @Remyky22 @DinahLee @klow
Lowest: 1x3 @LoveMachine 2x3.5s @slaybellz @cdd216
Music Is Life & Death Score: 10
My Score: 9

And so we bid adieu to another single. The fourth and final Kiss single to be exact. Marking the only time she’s ever worked with production superstar Max Martin (if you don’t know who he is, what are you doing on a pop forum?!), it’s a moody banger that leans heavily into the EDM sounds that dominated the early 2010s, but in a good way. Like a song that could have been a ballad, got a dance makeover, giving us a wonderful “crying on the dancefloor” juxtaposition that feels raw but completely goes awwff! I’ll admit the single effect probably influenced my score a bitsy, it might be an actual 8 for me, but only because I feel she’s done this sound better since (but more on that later). On the lyrics, Carly told People Magazine, “I think it's important to have a bit of a connection to a song that you sing, and there's going to be some grittiness behind it, because otherwise it doesn't come across as sincere. So I do think I tap into those memories in a certain way, but it doesn't make me feel sad. It just makes me feel a little contemplative and in the moment.” Let’s hear from you. Those of you in love and those that are over it?

@daninternational (11) "In any breakup, there is a moment where feeling sorry for
yourself turns into feeling excited about what the future may hold and the complete
open field of possibility. Entire careers have been built around the breakup song, but
this is one of my stone cold top 5 breakup tracks. It's almost worth getting your heart
broken just to enjoy this feeling. Sure the production is dated, but so is the concept of
creating a break up playlist and updating it whenever I get into a new relationship 'just in
case'. This song will always transport me back to when I was young, dumb and newly
out of the closet, throwing myself headfirst into love and heartbreak, knowing that Carly
would help me get through both of them."

@eatyourself (10) "Could have been my 11!! Yes it is basic but oh brother does it do its job...
One of the few cases in which I find the Nicki feature necessary, it makes it even more
zeitgeisty. I've also always imagined this song as a 2NE1/BLACKPINK song??"

@pop3blow2 (9.5) "This one goes off about as well as anything on the album. The
production is a little ‘busy’, but you can get sense for some of ideas she would better
execute on Emotion."

@lilylu (8) "Ugh. Bop! A good song to scream along to in the car!"

@fatyoshi (7) "a bit of a racket but has its moments still."

@SyPOPhantic (6) "It hasn’t quite aged as well as I remembered."

@LoveMachine (3) "The EDM-lite production on some of the tracks on this album is really
grating to me and this is probably the worst offender."

And in the morning, sun hits the water...

Is this nirvana?...

#53 - The Loneliest Time : 8.334

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Highest: 14x10s @CorgiCorgiCorgi @popscene @Sean_ius @soratami @eddy2375 @Remyky22 @pop3blow2 @Ana Raquel @RUNAWAY @aux @FunkyButChic @Heartthrob @lilylu @Music Is Life & Death 1x9.5 @BubblegumBoy 1x9.1 @saviodxl 3x9s @unnameable @VitaminBee @fatyoshi
Lowest: 1x2 @eatyourself 1x4 @DJHazey
Music Is Life & Death Score: 10
My Score: 8.5

Losing another single, it's time to say goodbye to the fourth and final single released from it’s namesake, The Loneliest Time. It might be lonely but there’s so much to love here, isn’t there? The warm-disco groove of it all, the way Rufus’ voice really compliments hers, those beautiful melodies and those absolutely divine strings on the bridge. A longtime fan of Rufus’ work, she asked him to join the song and when reflecting on it for an interview with The Ringer Magazine, Carly said” I love that juxtaposition about pop and music in general. I even love that in production, when it’s a heavy production and a soft type of conversation you’re having in the top line or vice versa. I think that’s why I’m so attracted to Rufus [Wainwright’s] and my voice together. He comes with that dark melody and I have a brighter pop take. Listeners are very intelligent. I think that the fantasy of that song is quite obvious to everyone. Because I did—on one night, in the loneliest time of COVID—think, “Maybe I should go over to my ex’s house. We had good times and there’s still a spark there.” And [despite] the reasons why I left the relationship, I was completely convinced that this would be an A-plus idea. I’m really glad that I didn’t because I don’t think that would’ve been good for either one of us. But in the fantasy—and this is where music is nice for escapism—I went over and it was perfect and it was nirvana in the morning. I knew that it wouldn’t be that, but that’s what I wanted. And I think when you hear that song, no one’s fooled. Everyone knows that that’s the fantasy, not the real story.” Also it happens to be one of her best music videos ever. Fun, creative, a bit quirky and Carly looks divine in her 70’s “Farrah” blowout. And years after the viral dance videos of “Call Me Maybe” or the “Runaway With Me” Vines, “The Loneliest Time” became her first big viral moment on tiktok…. She’s comin’ back for you baby. She’s coming back for you!

@CorgiCorgiCorgi (10) "Something about this song makes me really emotional! I can’t even
tell if it’s happy or sad. Just an overwhelming sense of catharsis and nostalgia."

@pop3blow2 (10) "Rufus Wainwright dueting with Carly Rae on a disco bop was not
something ever imagined, but it works!"

@SyPOPhantic (8.5) "The spoken word is the best part!"

@LoveMachine (8) "Since this is the closing track on her latest album and the lyrics kinda
fit a retrospection, I wanna take some time and reflect on Carly. Her music is very dear
to my heart. I think it brings something to the world that is severely lacking nowadays.
Positivity, brightness, sincerity. And somehow she delivers it all without it being naive or
vapid. There's a profoundness to her airiness and there's close to no other popstar who
does it like her nowadays (there's always Kylie of course) and we truly would have a
lonelier time without Carly and her music.
Still, with this latest album, for the first time, I got diminishing returns. I hate those short
songs. And while I think it's bold for her to say that the only common thread the album
needs is herself, I'm not sure it's enough anymore. Many songs on here feel like she's
done them before but better. In my opinion she should've taken Western Wind and ran
with it. That song is so heads and shoulders above everything else here, it really makes
the rest of feel like "this will have to do". As it is, I think it's her worst album since Kiss
and that one still gets bonus points for being part of her earlier work.
I'm sure she will provide much needed bops in the future and my stan-card is carved in
stone, I just think now is the time to mix it up just a bit more (and I'm also sure chasing
streaming-trends will not help her music or her popularity one little bit)."

@daninternational (7) "The 'classic' instrumental means it's not a fave, rarely in the mood
for it"

@eatyourself (2) "I hate Glee."