Carly Raete Jepsen: 15 Years Of Pop Perfection - WINNER REVEALED!!!!

I know that a track sitting outside of the top 60 with 8+ average is nothing too shabby, but Turn Me Up is my personal top 3 track from Kiss. Lord knows why I didn't give it its well-deserved ten. What a banger! One chorus after another, obliterating the previous one.
I tried you mouth and I can't come back...

So little time...

and I'm way off track...

#63 - Felt This Way : 8.102

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Highest: 7x10s @GimmeWork @popscene @LoveMachine @Sean_ius @unnameable @RUNAWAY @aux 3x9.5s @AllGagaLike @If You Go @Music Is Life & Death 6x9s @DJHazey @Shockbox @BubblegumBoy @Maria @eddy2375 @fatyoshi
Lowest: 2x5s @daninternational @Sprockrooster 1x5.5 @muddleddreams
Music Is Life & Death Score: 9.5
My Score: 10

Total Points: 316

This is such a flex. Produced with frequent collaborators John Hill and Jordan Palmer, Felt This Way is a sister track to Stay Away. Same lyrics but very different production. She had the audacity, the confidence, to give us a peek behind the creative curtain and give us the same song twice… even though they feel nothing alike and I’m so glad she did because they’re both easy 10s imo. We hear talk from every artist (ever) about the creative journey a song can take before it ends up where it does and Carly said yeah, let’s go there. This track coupling is easily one of my favorite B-side moments ever. Gagged! I love the laid-back production and the way it tics and plops letting the percussion shine with little zip and zoom flourishes every now and then. It’s minimal approach allows for the melody and lyrics to feel more intimate and Carly’s voice really bodies that feeling of desperation and infatuation. Also, I love how these sister tracks approach different types of intimacy (one emotional, and the other physical) but more on that when we get to Stay Away. But enough from me, let’s see who felt the same way…

@LoveMachine (10) "This is just... so mellow and warm... I can't…"

@daninternational (5) "One of my least favourites. It's not bad, but it's not Carly"

Every day, want you more, we were so insecure...

Every day, learning more, we were so immature...

#62 - This Love Isn't Crazy : 8.110

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Highest: 8x10s @eatyourself @GimmeWork @Shockbox @MilesAngel @unnameable @Maria @Remorque @Music Is Life & Death 1x9.5 @pop3blow2 1x9.25 @RUNAWAY 5x9s @CorgiCorgiCorgi @LoveMachine @AllGagaLike @BubblegumBoy @eddy2375
Lowest: 1x4 @DJHazey 1x5 @If You Go
Music Is Life & Death Score: 10
My Score: 10

Total Points: 316.3

Another easy 10 for me and one of my favorite Carly/Jack Antonoff collabs. This just radiates so much joy. Carly is one of the few artists I enjoy that body that kind of joy without it feeling schmaltzy. The optimism and confidence in this non-crazy love really flies over the soaring production too. I love the way it slowly builds from the opening “ooh, ooh”s and then crashes into the pre-chorus “Hold OooonnnI_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY” only to bring back the “Oohs” again for the climax of the chorus that feels like such a release of the tension surrounded by all those racing synths. I remember the first time I heard it, it gave me strong, “I Love You, Always Forever” by Donna Lewis vibes. Not because of any one aspect, but like an updated version of the same joyous sentiments where the rush of the production matches the rush of words in an upbeat and bright way. Let’s hear if you were crazy about this one…

@eatyourself (10) "An underrated gem. The melodies here would lend themselves
perfectly to a more 80s production but I love that she want for a less obvious result."

@Shockbox (10) "this song is so joyous, sideB as a whole is much better than sideA"

@LoveMachine (9) "What an opener! I wish I knew the thought process behind choosing
what's on Side A or Side B. This song screams Side A to me (as do many other ones on
Side B, but this is just so catchy and obvious)."

@daninternational (6.75) "It's a good album opener, but not something I come to outside
of that context"

Break a bone...

Got me on my knees...

You break my heart...

#61 - Curiosity : 8.237

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Highest: 8x10s @eatyourself @GimmeWork @Sprockrooster @If You Go @RUNAWAY @fatyoshi @Remorque @Music Is Life & Death 3x9.5s @unnameable @pop3blow2 @FunkyButChic 3x9s @saviodxl @soratami @lilylu
Lowest: 1x4 @LoveMachine 1x5 @cdd216
Music Is Life & Death Score: 10
My Score: 10

Total Points: 321.25

And so we say good-bye to the original Curiosity and the last standing track of it’s EP. A collab with Ryan Stewart (like most of the EP), it was originally considered for lead single release and was the song Carly thought had the biggest chance of “hitting it big”, even over Call Me Maybe. Can you imagine? Well it’s great, but I’m glad that didn’t happen and that she was properly propelled into the stratosphere with the latter. It was meant to be! Not gonna lie, I gave both versions a 10 because I use them both depending on my mood and when the melodies are this strong, a few production changes don’t really matter in the end… imo. You can’t mess it up when the base material is this solid. It’s just so damn catchy right? The repeated “Oh Oh Oh”s on the chorus are so simple but in the right hands (Carly’s) they don’t feel lazy or bland because the melodies are so strong and the build up on the pre-chorus is fantastic. My favorite part is the key-change after it’s been slowed down, at the “I think that we should try it out to see” mark and going into the final burst at the end. Purely euphoric moment right there. But I’m curious, so let’s hear what you lovelies think?....

@Sprockrooster (10) "I adore it when the title track is the best track on the album (Yes, I
love it more than Call Me Maybe)."

@unnameable (9.5) "I think it’s not quite up to the remix."

@pop3blow2 (9.5) "I like versions of this here. Maybe this one a tad more, because I feel
like her strong vocal is more of the focus."

@lilylu (9) "Much better than the Kiss version!"

@Shockbox (8) "Better than the remixed version"

@daninternational (8) "The origins of a legend"

I know that a track sitting outside of the top 60 with 8+ average is nothing too shabby, but Turn Me Up is my personal top 3 track from Kiss. Lord knows why I didn't give it its well-deserved ten. What a banger! One chorus after another, obliterating the previous one.
At this point I'm focussing on the averages rather than the rankings as every elimination is stinging to some extent (minus The Loveliest Time, which I haven't yet given much attention to and is too fresh a listen for me to score fairly - apologies @GimmeWork ). It probably helps that my 11 already left, dd.

I'm pleasantly surprised "Shooting Star" got 8+ given how divisive it was on the album thread at the time.
Oh starry eyes,...

blurry eyes,...

Feeling so intoxicated...

#60 - No Drug Like Me : 8.253

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Highest: 6x10s @Maria @DinahLee @RUNAWAY @Remorque @fatyoshi @lilylu 2x9.5s @GimmeWork @aux 8x9s @eatyourself @popscene @2014 @eddy2375 @If You Go @Remyky22 @klow @Music Is Life & Death
Lowest: 2x5s @DJHazey @Sprockrooster 1x6.2 @cdd216
Music Is Life & Death Score: 9
My Score: 9.5

Total Points: 321.9

Such a sexy, slinky number! Produced with besties John Hill and Jordan Palmer, and written with (and about) then-boyfriend James Flannigan, it was released before Dedicated along with Now That I Found you as a b-side single at Carly’s insistence to her label. I guess she wanted to show a darker side of the album in tandem to give a better spectrum of it’s sound. I love the atmospheric production and how the funky synths bounce around on the chorus. I remember the first time I heard it, the thing I loved about it was that it sounded like Carly had taken Bruno Mars’ sound but actually made a good song out of it. That 80’s, funky, mid-tempo groove that just pulls you in and doesn’t let go until your hips are in full sway. In an interview with Billboard Mag, Carly said “The song is a promise I made to love in general. That when the good stuff lands my way, I’ll always try to be vulnerable and brave and show all of myself.” Anyone else remember the "this is your brain on drugs" teaser? ....anyway... let’s hear from you, and see who’s addicted?

@fatyoshi (10) "That's MY Dedicated lead single."

@pop3blow2 (8.7) "This is pretty, if not tad reheated from some of the slow songs on
Emotion side B… and I just prefer those more."

@daninternational (7.25) "Love the production of this one, but the song itself isn't the
most exciting"

Just one word from you...

and I'm all out of reasons...

Close the door, I've been yours for the longest time...

#59 - Keep Away : 8.270

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Highest: 6x10s @Shockbox @Sprockrooster @MilesAngel @eddy2375 @fatyoshi @Music Is Life & Death 3x9.5s @GimmeWork @AllGagaLike @RUNAWAY 1x9.4 @pop3blow2 6x9s @popscene @soratami @unnameable @Maria @If You Go @lilylu
Lowest: 1x4 @DJHazey 2x6.5s @Ana Raquel @klow
Music Is Life & Death Score: 10
My Score: 9.5

Total Points: 322.55

What a smooth ride! I love this track. Produced with Kyle Shearer who she’s worked with quite a bit (also contributed the title track of the album and So Nice), although released to streaming, on physical copies of the album this song is a Target and HMW exclusive bonus track. Carly’s voice works so well in the area of 80’s tinged mid-tempos that she’s obviously so fond of… in fact the first time I head it, it gave me major "Never Get To Hold You" vibes (more on that song later). The airy vocals, the late-night drive atmosphere, but especially at the 2:36 mark where it ascends into those trickling and melting synth keys that almost sound like the very ones used in parts of "Hold You". I also really love the lyrics and Carly’s delivery that perfectly conveys that sense of urgency within restraint, longing, lust and the discipline required to keep your desires in-check and keep away from someone you know isn’t right or is off-limits..etc.

@daninternational (8.25) "pretty"

@eatyourself (7) "I love the idea of this but the execution is so uninteresting."

Whatever you're schemin'...

I'm already dreamin'...

#58 - Come Over : 8.305

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Highest: 4x10s @GimmeWork @Shockbox @DinahLee @Ana Raquel 2x9.5s @If You Go @Music Is Life & Death 6x9s @eatyourself @saviodxl @Sean_ius @soratami @Remyky22 @SyPOPhantic
Lowest: 2x6s @CorgiCorgiCorgi @LoveMachine 4x7s @muddleddreams @daninternational @unnameable @Maria
Music Is Life & Death Score: 9.5
My Score: 10

Produced with frequent collaborators John Hill and Jordan Palmer (Bad Thing Twice, Sideways..etc), Carly described this as a “direct and impatient response to get down with your honey.” I’d replace the word “response” with the word “mega-bop” but humble queen can describe her art however she likes. I absolutely love everything about it from the tambourine flourishes, the plucky synths, and the funky bass line. I understand this could be thought to be a bit on the basic side, but and I feel like the wonderful electric guitar riff on the post-chorus keeps it interesting. I like how tight the production is and how her vocals follow suit keeping the flow punchy and dancefloor ready. We know Carly can do this kind of sugar-rush bop in her sleep, but I’m glad she keeps giving us variations of them because her voice works so well in this realm and she really does nail the vibe every time.

@popscene (8) "It's a great, bubblegummy pop tune. It serves the same purpose for me as "So Nice" did on The Loneliest Time, but it's the better song by a margin."

@daninternational (7) "This album has a high general level, but not everything is a standout"

@GimmeWork could we have a recap of what's left?​

Kiss (4/18)
1. Tiny Little Bows
2. This Kiss
3. Call Me Maybe
10. Tonight I’m Getting Over You

E•MO•TION (16/17)
1. Run Away With Me
3. I Really Like You
4. Gimmie Love
5. All That
6. Boy Problems
7. Making The Most Of The Night
8. Your Type
9. Let’s Get Lost
10. LA Hallucinations
11. Warm Blood
12. When I Needed You
14. I Didn’t Just Come Here To Dance
15. Favourite Colour
16. Never Get To Hold You
17. Love Again

E•MO•TION Side B (8/9)
1. Cut To The Feeling
2. First Time
3. Higher
4. The One
5. Fever
6. Body Language
7. Cry
9. Roses

Dedicated (8/15)
1. Julien
3. Now That I Found You
4. Want You In My Room
6. Happy Not Knowing
8. Too Much
13. Real Love
14. For Sure
15. Party For One

Dedicated Side B (4/14)
4. Stay Away
7. Summer Love
10. Comeback
11. Solo

The Loneliest Time (8/16)
1. Surrender My Heart
3. Talking To Yourself
7. Bends
8. Western Wind
10. Bad Thing Twice
12. Go Find Yourself Or Whatever
13. The Loneliest Time (feat. Rufus Wainwright)
14. Anxious

The Loveliest Time (8/16)
3. After Last Night
5. Shy Boy
6. Kollage
7. Shadow
8. Psychedelic Switch
9. So Right
11. Put It To Rest

Extras (1/17)
Supernatural (with Danny L Harle)
Open up your heart to the ceiling...

Don't you know it hurts for a reason?...

#57 - Love Again : 8.307

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Highest: 1x11 @DJHazey 9x10s @eatyourself @popscene @Shockbox @daninternational @unnameable @pop3blow2 @RUNAWAY @lilylu @Music Is Life & Death 8x9s @CorgiCorgiCorgi @GimmeWork @Sean_ius @soratami @Sabrettes @Maria @eddy2375 @fatyoshi
Lowest: 1x5 @LoveMachine 1x5.25 @AllGagaLike 1x5.3 @cdd216
Music Is Life & Death Score: 10
My Score: 9

And so we lose another Emotion track that perfectly marries signature 80’s sounds but with a more contemporary feel. The drama of the horns and synths that flare with the percussion sparsely in the verses before the pre-chorus picks up the tempo feels very 80’s and the chorus it gives way to with all it’s flying high bpm synths and post chorus beats that mimic the melody feel very current. It works together nicely leaving us with a stellar “here’s the silver lining to our break-up song”. Produced with frequent collaborator CJ Baran (Let’s Get Lost, Everything He Needs, Let’s Be Friends..etc), I love that lyrically Carly walks a fine line here where because of the joyous vocal delivery it feels aspirational, reminding you that there “are other fish in the sea” and that you can heal and “Love Again”, but also basically is a sugar-coated “It’s you, not me” break-up response. Like she’s talking to the person she’s breaking up with, to remind them that they’ll be okay, but also reminding herself. Let’s see who opened your hearts to the ceiling for this one? …

@DJHazey (11) "Obviously going to go out far sooner than it should, being that’s a bonus
track I never heard mentioned much back when the album dropped. However, it quickly
grew into my favorite Carly song. Her natural voice often exudes positivity, so the
message being delivered here gets an extra boost due to that. It’s so heartfelt and
uplifting, making it the ultimate experience when singing along. It’s had such a profound
impact on me after all these years, it was always going to be that special song from the
second the rate was announced."

@eatyourself (10) "In her best Ashley Tisdale cosplay!"

@lilylu (10) "It’s giving 90’s eurodance in the best way."

@pop3blow2 (10) "Whew, she really went off here. Sounds like Bizarre Love Triangle
filtered through Sohie Elles-Bextor. So, yeah, it’s pretty great."

@daninternational (10) "Timeless beauty which could have been a UK Christmas Number
1 in a different universe"