Carly Raete Jepsen: 15 Years Of Pop Perfection - WINNER REVEALED!!!!

And just missing the top 50....

The ones I loved and left behind...

Put it to rest so the rest won't follow me...

#51 - Put It To Rest : 8.384

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Highest: 3x10s @CorgiCorgiCorgi @daninternational @fatyoshi 2x9.5s @eatyourself @AllGagaLike 8x9s @GimmeWork @muddleddreams @soratami @Maria @Remyky22 @Ana Raquel @Heartthrob @Music Is Life & Death
Lowest: 3x6s @slaybellz @unnameable @saviodxl
Music Is Life & Death Score: 9
My Score: 9

Incredible. Haunting. Propulsive. Creative. Beautiful. Just some of the words I’d use to describe this amazing song. I really like the steady rapid progression of the track with the piano flowing quickly and the drum sections going crazy juxtaposed with the softer, drawn-out melodies and the gorgeous strings that linger throughout. It’s serving orchestra and it’s sublime. It reminds me of some of the slower Massive Attack tracks. Produced again with Patrik Berger, Carly said in an interview with The Other Side, that the song morphed from a song that was meant to be an ode to her Grandma who passed during the early days of the pandemic, but “grew to encapsulate a wider sentiment”. Carly explains, “There was almost some guilt that I needed to unhook from. A feeling like maybe I had travelled too much in my life… What about all the guilt and all the people? It became more about shaking off the regrets of everything that you’ve maybe not handled with as much grace as you would like.”

@daninternational (10) "The production is chef's kiss, adding drive to a sweet song without overpowering it"

@CorgiCorgiCorgi (10) "best song on the album. makes me nervous, but like, in a good way?"

@popscene (8) "It's a great mood piece."


Kiss (3/18)
1. Tiny Little Bows
2. This Kiss
3. Call Me Maybe

E•MO•TION (15/17)
1. Run Away With Me
3. I Really Like You
4. Gimmie Love
5. All That
6. Boy Problems
7. Making The Most Of The Night
8. Your Type
9. Let’s Get Lost
10. LA Hallucinations
11. Warm Blood
12. When I Needed You
14. I Didn’t Just Come Here To Dance
15. Favourite Colour
16. Never Get To Hold You

E•MO•TION Side B (7/9)
1. Cut To The Feeling
2. First Time
3. Higher
4. The One
5. Fever
7. Cry
9. Roses

Dedicated (7/15)
1. Julien
3. Now That I Found You
4. Want You In My Room
6. Happy Not Knowing
8. Too Much
13. Real Love
15. Party For One

Dedicated Side B (4/14)
4. Stay Away
7. Summer Love
10. Comeback
11. Solo

The Loneliest Time (7/16)
1. Surrender My Heart
3. Talking To Yourself
7. Bends
8. Western Wind
10. Bad Thing Twice
12. Go Find Yourself Or Whatever
14. Anxious

The Loveliest Time (6/13)
5. Shy Boy
6. Kollage
7. Shadow
8. Psychedelic Switch
9. So Right

Extras (1/17)
Supernatural (with Danny L Harle)​
And I'm sure if you read my post more attentively you will notice how I mention she thought she was doing something LGBT but could only achieve an extremely straight middle aged vibe instead. Semantics!
As a straight middle aged guy who's a Carly diehard (and a lot of other PJ-centric artists), I wish we could stop assigning music to either sexual preference or age. Can we enjoy music for...the music? It's one of the beautiful things that should unite us and be an all-inclusive experience.

But, more on point, a lot of my 10's are starting to go - 'After Last Night,' 'The Loneliest Time,' 'For Sure.' I guess that's a testament to CRJ and just how many incredible songs she has in her catalogue.
Kicking off the top 50, unfortunately another one of us loses our 11....

More than just lovers...

I'm forever haunted by our time...

#50 - Julien : 8.405

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Highest: 1x11 @If You Go 14x10s @eatyourself @popscene @LoveMachine @Shockbox @2014 @BubblegumBoy @eddy2375 @Remyky22 @klow @RUNAWAY @Remorque @aux @Heartthrob @Music Is Life & Death 1x9.1 @pop3blow2 1x9 @muddleddreams
Lowest: 1x3 @DJHazey 1x4 @daninternational 1x5 @Sprockrooster
Music Is Life & Death Score: 10
My Score: 8.5

Another production collab with Kyle Shearer, this shimmery mid-tempo bop was released about a month ahead of Dedicated as it’s fourth single/promo single. The thing I love the most about Julien is how it melts together funk, synth-pop, disco, electro, and dance so seamlessly. And after hearing for a while, in the years following Emotion, that Carly might be working on more disco inspired material, Julien was one of our first tastes that really delivered that tone (Now That I Found You is also disco inspired, but not as experimental or funky as Julien, … but more on that later).

Carly has frequently referred to it as the heart of Dedicated and in an interview with NPR, Carly said about the song, “ I did have a boyfriend named Julien back in the day. The best thing about him was — so many things. But the thing that stuck out to me was his name being so musical. We had this romantic weekend in Quebec City together, and I think there was an actual dove in the friend's apartment we were staying at: We were walking in the snow, and when we walked in, there was a dove? And this was our first weekend away together. It was very strange, one of those nights that feels kind of dreamlike.We went our separate ways, and I've been trying to write his name into a song since; I think I have four songs with the name Julien since that time. And this was the first one that finally scratched the itch of getting to describe what that feeling is like — when you're young and you've just met someone, but you feel like it's gonna be eternity. He's more of a metaphor now, of what it is to have that person that is maybe the one that got away. Even if you find something else that works, you're always gonna be like, "That guy."

@LoveMachine (10) "Back in 2020 when we couldn't really go out I did a small "festival"
in my garden for a few close friends, where we pretended we would actually see
live-acts performing. This song was the opener. I surprised them with some lights and a
discoball that kicked in with the first chorus. It was a glorious weekend."

@pop3blow2 (9.1) "A funky, wonky little gem of a song."

@CorgiCorgiCorgi (8) "This song always makes me think about Trailer Park Boys."

@daninternational (4) "Her worst single? I much prefer when her songs are vague yet
incisive enough to be incredibly relatable, this feels like it's supposed to be personal but
it feels ingenuine"

You.... can show me your... favorite streets....

late at night...

We lay in bed, fall asleep, side by side...

#49 - Supernatural (with Danny L Harle) : 8.419

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Highest: 13x10s @eatyourself @CorgiCorgiCorgi @GimmeWork @popscene @LoveMachine @unnameable @pop3blow2 @Ana Raquel @RUNAWAY @fatyoshi @aux @Heartthrob @lilylu 1x9.5 @BubblegumBoy 2x9s @AllGagaLike @SyPOPhantic
Lowest: 1x4 @Shockbox 3x6s @DJHazey @saviodxl @daninternational
Music Is Life & Death Score: 7
My Score: 10

And so after losing OMG, Love Me Like That…etc Supernatural stands as our final DJ/EDM collab to leave and our final from the extras section. Oh how I wish Carly and Danny would collaborate again(and frequently)! What a fantastic match. Her voice, subtle and unguarded, grounds his EDM bonkers production imo and makes it really something special. Supernatural is just a complete banger. It’s breathless and high octane but still has a sweetness and tenderness to it. It’s stayed on my work-out playlist since it arrived, for the better part of a decade at this point, and still goes awwwwffff!

In an interview for Fader Magazine, Carly said, “The way I got wind of the whole PC Music scene was through my friend, Nate Campany, who's actually a co-writer to [“Super Natural”] as well, with Danny. I was in L.A., and Nate said, "You've got to come check this out, I promise you haven't heard anything like it." I met Danny and he was instantly charming, and all the things you want in a collab — just somebody who's very excited about the whole thing. He played me some stuff and the first feeling I had was, I've never heard anything like this! Today in music, that's such an exciting feeling.”

And in the same interview, Danny said of Carly and making Supernatural that, “ I kind of didn’t think the pop world was real, because it’s presented in an absurd way, but it is real. Basically, on my first go, I got one of my favourite pop stars ever to feature on the track, and I couldn’t really believe it.”

@unnameable (10) "A fabulous dancefloor tune from Mr PC music. Honestly, these two
should collaborate more."

@pop3blow2 (10) "Omg. I played this to death upon release. It’s so good, still. That ‘baby
it’s so bananas’ line send me everytime."

@CorgiCorgiCorgi (10) "Something so captivating about the way she says “baby it doesn’t

@Sprockrooster (8) "I could have sworn I did not love this song, but listening to it now and
I feel like it is a discovery."

@daninternational (6) "Admire her trying something new, but the chorus isn't as strong as
her own stuff"

How this slice of sublime, euphoric...errrrr...supernatural pop music gets bounced before, let's say, 'LA Hallucinations' or 'Bad Thing Twice' is beyond me. It makes each and every Carly playlist that I put together.
OK 2 good eliminations makes it feel like we're back on track a little bit.

The direction Carly took with Dedicated and Loneliest, while I understand while she did it (and even that an evolution was necessary), it was a journey she didn't bring me on board with very well.

At least Loveliest achieved a better balance of doing something new while keeping the essence of what makes her special. Though it's not a surprise that Emotion remains unmatched.
And suddenly....

Planes I'm hopping, cards I'm dropping...

No shop can fill me up...

How this slice of sublime, euphoric...errrrr...supernatural pop music gets bounced before, let's say, 'LA Hallucinations'​

#48 - LA Hallucinations : 8.424

(found on Google)

Highest: 11x1 @pop3blow2 9x10s @eatyourself @Shockbox @AllGagaLike @soratami @Maria @DinahLee @RUNAWAY @Remorque @Music Is Life & Death 1x9.8 @VitaminBee 2x9.5 @Sean_ius @Remyky22 5x9s @DJHazey @BubblegumBoy @unnameable @eddy2375 @SyPOPhantic
Lowest: 1x5 @lilylu 2x6s @CorgiCorgiCorgi @Sprockrooster
Music Is Life & Death Score: 10
My Score: 8.5

It’s time to say good-bye to the hallucinations folks. Produced with Stint and Gray (known for their work with Demi, Zara Larsson..etc), it was actually the last song to make the album. According to Carly, because some of her Canadian friends loved it so much and insisted. The song discusses Jepsen’s experience moving to LA after the success of Call Me Maybe and the impact it had on her relationship and life. A rather scathing review of her disenchantment with a city downing in celebrity, greed, paparazzi and how overwhelming it is to navigate and stay grounded in the whirlwind of that fame. A subject matter many have tackled but maybe not with as much zing as Carly cleverly does here.

Love-it or hate-it, you have to admit the song is a bop! The production is zippy and zaney. It tics and twitches all the way up to the (more structured) synths of the chorus and then goes right back to pulsating tics and claps. And I love how Carly’s lyrics take-on a poetic structure, staying short and sweet to match the pace of the production, especially in moments that refrain throughout, like, “buzzfeed buzzards and TMZ crows. What can I say that you don’t already know?” and “Planes I’m hopping, Cards I’m dropping, No shop can fill me-up”. After spending years with both songs, I must admit, I do enjoy LA’s sister song “Now I Don’t Hate California After All” a bit more (the production is so odd and lush and I’m happy she has a better relationship with her home now) but LA is a clever little rush, that I still enjoy often. But enough from me, let’s read a love letter from our 11 giver @pop3blow2 and the rest of the hallucinators…

@pop3blow2 (11) Ahhh, the moment I became the Carly obsessive that I am. This song
is weird & brilliant. Maybe some of that is accidental, but a lot of pop is accidentally
genius. On an album that is veeeerrryy sonically 80s focused, this song stands out like
a sore thumb. It feels more 90s/early 2000s. It honesty always felt like a lost Britney
song to me. I can totally hear her vocals on this. Maybe this is on purpose? There is an
innocent perfection associated with 80s pop, to me. I think that started to get subverted
in the late 90s. The think the teen pop boom of the late 90s started innocently enough,
but it’s convergence with the internet, the post alternative musical landscape, & the
general cultural zeitgeist had subverted the whole pop genre into something entirely
different by the early 00s. It was still great, but there was a innocence that had lingered
through the 90s that was finally lost. This song feels like metaphor for all that. The same
way 80s music feels dated in a very special & particular way…. Millennial pop feels the
same way now. The way she taps into that idea & then adds very modern lyrical
references that will surely be dated in the future (if they are not already… sorry
Buzzfeed) is just fantastic. The fact that this song is surrounded by Carly’s nostalgic
paen to the more idealized time emotional pop’s 80’s heyday just heightens the impact
of LA Hallucinations. Couple that with the fact that the album was almost named Eternal
Summer in reference to how Los Angeles destroys the perspective of time & think this
song become the true cornerstone of the whole album. There’s a thing in art/show
business that ‘so & so is a comedian’s comedian or a an actor’s actor’. This album &
more specifically this song showcase Carly as a ‘pop star’s pop star’… and really a
popfan’s pop star in a lot of ways. While most Emotion feels like love letter to 80s pop,
this song comes off a cautionary tale about the whole business of being pop star. For an
album that is so upbeat in many way (both is music & spirit) there some real darkness
brimming this song. Although, it’s oddly one the of the danceable tracks on the album.
Also, if anyone cares, the exact moment I became the Carly fanatic I am is timestamp
22 seconds into this song. Her little laugh was it. I was gone. Even today every time I
play this song I smile at that moment. The fact that song is kinda dark makes the
authenticity of her little giggle all the more interesting. It feels really true & loaded. A
song can be such an interesting collection of moments & this song really delivers.

@RUNAWAY (10) "honestly seeing this live…it just WORKS. When this song came out
originally we were all on the fence, but it’s so incredible live. And the sweater I got with
this song’s lyrics still remains my favorite thing I own sooooo……"

@daninternational (8) "Chorus kinda lets it down, needs a bit more drive to it"

@lilylu (5) "It’s a bit much. I know Carly got some salacious fake headlines about her
after Call Me Maybe, but “Buzzfeed buzzards and TMZ crows”... I can’t take that

So what....

you're not in love...

You shine bright by yourself dancing...

#47 - Solo : 8.444

(found on Google)

Highest: 11x10s @eatyourself @GimmeWork @2014 @daninternational @MilesAngel @unnameable @VitaminBee @Maria @Remyky22 @fatyoshi @SyPOPhantic 3x9.5s @Sean_ius @BubblegumBoy @Music Is Life & Death 1x9.25 @FunkyButChic 4x9s @CorgiCorgiCorgi @popscene @eddy2375 @lilylu
Lowest: 1x4 @LoveMachine 1x5 @Sprockrooster
Music Is Life & Death Score: 9.5
My Score: 10

A collab with her then partner James Flannigan (Real Love, and No Drug Like Me), the production is a straight-up dance banger that I remember (at the time) reminded me of a sort of mash-up of “OMG w/ Gryffin and “First Time” from Emotion side B. A joyous, euphoric occasion from start to finish. I love Solo. It wasn’t going to make the cut for Dedicated Side B, but then last minute Carly convinced her label to add it because (releasing shortly after COVID lockdowns began in 2020) it felt like a subject that might resonate with many struggling with loneliness during lockdown. She said let’s give them a timely and uplifting message to dance to and bring some joy in a time of tragedy, loneliness and uncertainty. And best believe I did just that! Solo (and the entirety of side B) were in heavy rotation for me that year and did bring me an escape and joy when it was much needed. As a matter of fact, Dedicated Side B and Future Nostalgia were thee two albums that soundtracked that year for me the most and I’m so thankful that they were there to distract me (in the best way) from the heaviness of reality. But enough from me, let’s hear from our solo, soloist to provide commentary…

@daninternational (10) "Feels like a successor to Boy Problems to me in tat I'm not really sure
what she's going on about but I bop to it and appreciate the sentiment all the same"

Said it before....

and I'll say it again...

That I'll always be here when you need a friend...

#46 - Roses : 8.45

(found on Google)

Highest: 10x10s @eatyourself @DJHazey @muddleddreams @daninternational @Maria @DinahLee @RUNAWAY @fatyoshi @Remorque @Music Is Life & Death 1x9.8 @cdd216 3x9.5s @AllGagaLike @MilesAngel @pop3blow2 5x9s @CorgiCorgiCorgi @BubblegumBoy @unnameable @Remyky22 @lilylu
Lowest: 1x6 @saviodxl 3x6.5s @SyPOPhantic @slaybellz @VitaminBee
Music Is Life & Death Score: 10
My Score: 7

Another Kyle Shearer collab on the production, Roses closes Emotion Side B. I like that it starts with the almost confessional spoken word delivery over the simple snaps. I think that sets the tone nicely for the sort of determination the song ramps into as it gets to the chorus. And although it’s an often-used metaphor, her relationship as a rose that is withering away is successful imo because she’s using it in a new sort of unique way. Her partner is the weed that keeps creeping back and killing their roses and she doesn’t want to save them. She’s done! Let them fade. She won’t take you back. It strikes a great balance of nostalgia and anger. Let’s hear from you and see who stopped to smell the roses?

@fatyoshi (10) "Songs to cry to while eating taco bell in your car."

@daninternational (10) "The perfect closer to the perfect Side B"

@LoveMachine (7) "There's something about the vocal production on this that irritates me.
Some kind of weird warble or automatic vibrato."