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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by torontodj, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. I couldn’t find a thread on her. Anyone else a fan?

    As much as I dislike Clive Davis, his signing of singers such as Dionne Warwick, Aretha Franklin and Carly Simon to his Arista label introduced me to their music. Obviously their ‘80s output is what I became familiar with first.

    Thus, Carly’s Coming Around Again album is one of my favourite albums from the ‘80s. And her Oscar-winning theme song from Working Girl may be in my top five songs of all time. It perfectly captures the message and themes of that film and deserved the Oscar (although I love Calling You from Baghdad Cafe). The 2-CD reissue of Coming Around Again is worth picking up.
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  2. Why? is an underrated 80’s classic.
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  3. I remember being shocked when I learned how badly Let The River Run actually performed on the charts (#49 USA, #79 UK from memory), always assumed it had been a top 10 hit everywhere as it is that anthemic, and everybody knows it.
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  4. Right? Such an inspiring and iconic song and it charted low.

    It was the procession song for my eighth grade graduation. I suggested it - and my teacher liked it!
  5. Nobody Does It Better is possibly my all time fave Bond song.

    So much emotion.
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  6. It really is. Every time it comes on I'm reminded how great it is. The production, the lyrics, the vocals.
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  7. *coughs at avatar*
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  8. Don’t have enough Carly in my collection. Own the 4 MFSL SACDs of the albums S/T through Hotcakes alongside the 2 disc edition of Coming Around Again and that’s it!
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  9. @Tommy Johnson, I am appalled!

    I think I've got nearly all of them now. Not sure about the most recent few, I've lost track. But the 80s ones are my favourites (quelle surprise). Hello Big Man and Spoiled Girl especially. But the 70s albums are wonderful too. She was quite the fox!
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  10. So sorry! Your avatar is iconic.
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  11. Though I love reading (books and people), some autobiographies are better when also narrated by the person who experienced it all.

    Carly has a beautifully unique voice and I highly recommend submerging in the first half of her life via the 'Boys In The Trees' audiobook. In addition to the unabridged words from the book, you get occasional off-manuscript asides and snatches of rare recordings that are exclusive to this release. It's over 13 hours in length, but I've listened through twice and look forward to the next.

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  12. One of my favourite Carly tunes with Luther crooning in the background, cool smooth dance pop. I 'think' I have all her albums now, must check!

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  13. I've always been obsessed with the obvious singles but never dived in to her albums. Where would one start?
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  14. No Secrets is her classic. All the mid-70s albums are in a similar (you're so) vein.

    Then in the 80s she goes a bit electro bop central, but in a good way.
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  15. I agree with Eric - No Secrets is her classic. I do like Boys in the Trees. I find the cover so enigmatic and it's a good album.

    I love Coming Around Again. So '80s but some really strong material.
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  16. Oooh, a Carly thread!

    She's my fave of that 70's ladies wave (I love a great deal of her 80s stuff, too.) I think there was a live albums thread somewhere on here & I told the story of how Carly Simon Greatest Hits Live was the first cassette I ever bought with my own money in the late 80s.

    Boys In The Trees is my fave album & and that song just means more to me the older I get. I bought her auto-bio of the same title last year, but haven't read it yet. Need to get on that.

    Yeah, that's a fave for me. That live version on the above mentioned album, when she brings the kids out to sing a coda to the song with 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' is just one of those beautifully haunting moments for me on a record.

    My fave Carly song though, might be 'That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be'. That was the first song I heard by her, as my parents had the 45 when I was kid. @Lila had a wonderful rate last year that featured a ton of great 70's women singer/songwriters & included some Carly. (Spoiler: Carly got my 11!)
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  17. Some people hate her version of Itsy Bitsy Spider but I love it.

    That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be is fantastic. It actually opens the North American version of her Reflections compilation and it's a great starter (the International one starts with You're So Vain which probably makes more sense but I think starting with That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be shows you're in for a ride).

    And obviously Let The River Run is the greatest song of all time. I love Working Girl so much although some of the themes and plot points haven't aged well, but not the song. It really captures the spirit of New York and whenever I'm down, it lifts me up. She did that.
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  18. I can’t believe I haven’t seen this thread before!

    Carly is by far one of my favourite artists. She doesn’t have a bad album to her name and is severely underrated. My personal favourite period is 1971-1979. Each album has a classic on it, Vengeance from Spy should have been a massive hit for her in ala You’re So Vain.

    She tackles gender inequality on Boys in the Trees (the song) Slave is a tongue and cheek look at how women “should behave” Playing Possum is basically calling out the boomer for hiding after all the promises of their hippie hay day.

    This is a playlist of her “forgotten” songs that I feel reveal a deeper truth to Carly.

    It’s also a massive pop injustice that Let the Riverrun is not on streaming!
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  19. Why does this sound like something modern day Tess McGill would be involved with, running up against her former nemesis Katherine Parker in an effort to get Carly on streaming amidst streaming wars.

    Working Girl 2: Back to Work
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  20. Not to post again! But if everyone reading this thread could make a post here and request

    Carly Simon - Clouds In My Coffee 1965-1995

    Reflections - Carly Simon’s Greatest Hits

    Let the Riverrun seems to be there but geo blocked on both of those releases which is a pain if you’re in the UK.
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