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Carola & European Athletics

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by flipper30, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. How bizarre!

    Just switched on for coverage of the European Athletics on the BBC and they're using an instrumental version of Carola's Invincible as their theme tune - Carola on the BBC, I nearly dropped my biscuit in my tea!

    I assume it's because the athletics is in Stockholm, or maybe Colin Jackson chose it, but it was a very nice surprise to hear.

    Maybe this means it could get an actual single release....?
  2. They're also using Lena Ph's "Anthem" as incidental music and have used Magnus Carlsson's "Lev Livet" too. I wonder who the big ole gayer in the BBC's sport department is? All this Schlager on the BBC has left me all dizzy with shock!
  3. I just heard Lena Anthem too - never thought I'd hear any of these in the UK, let alone on a sports programme.

    Obviously someones raided local record stores or, like you say, there's a big old gay Eurovision fan at BBC Sport.

    Wonder what they'll play next? I'm holding out for Min Karlek....
  4. I nearly wet myself in exictment when I heard Lena PH during the round-up.  Would of been OK, but was watching it at work and the room when silent after my squeal of excitement. 

    so far its:
    Carola - "Invincible" For the start.
    Lena Ph - "Lena Anthem" for the coming up music
    Magnus C - "Liv Livet" for the round up.

    We need abit of Shirley C & Linda B next

    Well done the BBC!
  5. Add BWO and Jessica Andersson to that as well.

    Big up the BBC
  6. At last, sports broadcasting becomes gay friendly.
  7. Um, I'd never really required schlager to make sports broadcasting gay-friendly. The lycra is normally enough on its own.
  8. I spent two hours watching it this morning waiting for some schlager classics but nothing...

    Thankfully I like athletics so it wasn't a completely wasted morning. The women's shot put was a bit terrifying though.
  9. You are entirely right of course. I'd missed the word "athletics" in the original post and was thinking golf, snooker or car racing- i.e. some such other horror.
  10. Is that the right link? What does a curry have to do with Carola?
  11. Gay Eurovision loving infiltration is high in the BBC right now.

    CBBC use an instrumental of Je T'adore during links sometimes.
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