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Carola: "I drove at 160kph" !

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Danny, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Three-time Eurovision star Carola claims that Swedish police stopped her as she drove at 160kph in order to make it to a concert on time, it was revealed this week.

    Although police could not confirm the incident, Carola admitted her crime to the 2,500 strong audience who had gathered to listen to her perform in Värmland, Sweden. "I was driving at 160 and was stopped by the police," said the 1991 song contest winner. "But they were very sweet and understood my mission, so to speak."

    The speed limit on local roads in Sweden is 70-90kph, and drivers usually face an immediate ban if they are caught travelling at 30 or more above the limit.
  2. Alfie

    Alfie Guest

    I only do miles, how fast is 160kph? I have no idea.
  3. It's about 100mph.

    OK for the highways, but very fast for local roads.

    Why the hell doesn't she have a driver?
  4. Because she loves driving too much?

    In the Expressen tabloid she explained how she drives "creatively" - intuitively and effectively. That's maybe why she had her drivers licence withdrawn three times during the 90s. Expressen also lists a few famous crashes she's had since then. Earlier she wrecked my cousin's friend's gear-box outside of New York. But the Swedish police seems to like her, and now she was very happy about how nice they'd been to her.

    Piece of trivia - this time she was on the way to the small town where Sven-Göran Eriksson was born and still has a house. His English accent is actually typical for that area.
  5. Driving creatively is never a great idea.

    If that's so about the accent, though, how come she doesn't speak like that? I'm imagining Sven singing Invincible now. Thanks for that.
  6. That's a disturbing thought. It sounds like something the Alistair McGowan's Sven could do.


    As for Carola, I guess you've heard her speak English, which I haven't. Because you know that dialects aren't as noticable when people sing as when they talk. For examples Scottish aritists like Sharleen Spiteri often sing with an English accent, much like British artists can use an American accent if they aim for such markets. So why wouldn't that be true for us Johnny Foreigners too?

    But you jumped to conclusions, NumaNumaYay. Carola's from Stockholm, and hasn't got any specific regional accent. She was just doing a concert in Sven's town. The place is maybe a bit out of the way, but The Beatles arguably performed their first proper concert outside the UK in that county, etc.
  7. Ah, sorry. Yes I was skim-reading. Again. That's quite cool actually. Yes, I have seen Carola speak in English, namely in this: Carola. It's an interview from Slovenian TV with Anzej Dezan (sigh). They do make beautiful music together, but I don't think in the biblical sense. I hope not anyway (he's mine). His English strikes me as better than hers too.

    I still can't get the image of Sven singing Invincible out of my head. Carola's english singing accent is good (although it's better on earlier material, in my opinion.) Then again, singing in a Swedish accent isn't so bad. Have you ever heard anyone sing in a Scottish accent? If not, be thankful.
  8. I thought I had. I liked the Skids in their day, and I thought all that " Ahoy! Ahoy! Land, sea and sky " in "Into the Valley" was Scottish. And that that was the reason why I could never catch more than a few words. The Proclaimers's pronounciation seemed quite north-of-the-border too, but I found them more funny than good.

    My favourite Swedish accent in an English song is probably Agnetha's in "The Winner Takes It All". But the first time I heard it I thought it was a Dutch act, or maybe a Danish or Norwegian one. I thought they were Abba plagiarizers, and I couldn't imagine any Swedes doing that. I was in a car close to Holland at that moment, probably in Germany, so that was the reason for the confusion. (When the Dutch DJ said: "That was the new Abba single!" I thought he said, "Good Abba copycats, don't you think!") I think I've become better at spotting such things now though. Many European pronunciations of English sound quite nice, I think. And German ones often sound better than German itself.

    It's interesting if Carola's English has declined. She seems to have become much blander now than she was when she started, so it could be connected to that? I haven't followed the development, so I wouldn't know.

    Anzej Dezan is of course better looking than her, but I'm feeling generous today - so you can have him. (Wasn't there another PJer who fancied him though? Dragostea din Tei?)
  9. The Proclaimers. The very name lulls me into slumber.

    I can't believe you thought The Winner Takes It All was by an ABBA copy band. Then again, there were a lot about at the time. Brotherhood Of Man, Champagne, Bucks Fizz, Co-Co, even groups like The Dolly Dots and A La Carte made similar sounds, even without the Bjorn and Benny equivalents (on stage, at least). Actually that's the one thing that irks me about ABBA tribute acts, the fact that they think they can get away with having only two members (and we're not talking about Bjorn and Benny).

    Thank you for the Anzej, as Agnetha would put it Yes, Dragostea Din Tei did/does like him, but I got there first. And since we both take our usernames from the same song, it's no surprise that we have things in common. Anyone seen him lately, by the way?
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