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Carola shows them how it's done

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Scoodle, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. She's been discussed a lot on the old Eurovision board but not in this main forum as far as I'm aware...

    Carola was this year's Swedish Eurovision entry and was placed 5th with "Invincible", the English version of her biggest hit in Sweden for years, "Evighet".

    She's a true veteran of Schlager music having had her first hit in 1983 when she was 16 and she's still going strong as the most loved and successful domestic act in Sweden.

    This is a performance she did at the weekend at Allsang Pa Skansen.  Not only does she put in an amazing vocal performance (as always) but she also stage dives!  Carola always seems to be a bit of a loose canon on stage, always a bit unpredictable but she never fails to entertain!  Go to 53 minutes into Program 2 for the performance.

    If you like good old fashioned pop then you'll love this.  I find it really depressing that the UK don't feel they have room for music like this at the moment... I find Carola 100 times more entertaining than the likes of Rachel Stevens.
  2. popknark

    popknark Moderator

    Say what you want about her personality, but she's a fucking brilliant popstar. I couldn't believe my eyes when she stagedived! Truly spectacular.

    And last year at Allsång På Skansen she threw flowers + dirt at the audience, haha. That was funny too!
  3. If only the UK had room for la Stevens...
  4. I love it!! Apparently she's as mad as a box of frogs!!

    Milky x
  5. Her new single is amazing 'Stanna eller ga'. A brilliant pop song...
  6. She is amazing!

    Her english album later in the year has to break into the UK market.
  7. As amazing as that would be, I just can't imagine it happening. A big cheesey pop stormer sung by a forty-something is hardly likely to capture the imaginations of the ever more closed minds of the UK media.

    The audience during that performance are all singing along as if it's Madonna onstage! It's just good old fashioned entertainment from a crazy old popstar - it doesn't get better than that and the Swedes LOVE it. They've got it so right over there...

  8. Every pop singer you name is a 100 times more entertaining than Rachel Stevens. You'd have to go really low to find someone as bad as her.
  9. Ha, yes very true.

    I was referring to the way that Rachel is embraced by Radio & TV bookers more than the public really. Look at the reaction Carola gets on that video compared to the crowd at T4 On The Beach. They all had faces like slapped arses.
  10. tommie

    tommie Guest

    I hate Carola.

    Hope she dies.
  11. Classy.
    Any other great insight you care to share?
  12. I can't believe she stage dove at Allsang! I love that...the summer sun...the views over Stockholm...I went to St Lucia Christmas celebrations here in the middle of winter, I can't wait to go in summer.

    Are there are any other bits of the programs we should look out for? Last year Benny Andersson's Orkester did a fantastic performance! ...are the "We're from Barcelona" people Swedish?

    I really don't want to like Carola but she is such Swedish pop pedigree I suppose I must.
  13. Go head Miss Carola! Keep stagedivin', girl! Look at those security draggin' Miss Carola away from her fans. She was happy out there, the fans were lovin' it and the dude in the black suit freakin' pulls Mis Carola away - twice!

    Good luck to Miss Carola with the English album. You know if she had come over here and to the US durin' the time Ace of Base where rippin' up the charts here and in the US, she coulda got in on that wave of success.
  14. Carola & Andreas Johnson do a duet which is very dull. - I can see why it was on the extra show.

    13 mins in, I bet there was panic when she goes for the flowers again.

    I love how she just gives up the singing to give out the flowers.

    The overall line up for this year shows are not as good as last year.
  15. The performance is brilliant. She has more stage presence than most popstars!

    LEGEND! Love the nutter
  16. tommie

    tommie Guest

    Yes. Painfully, but beggars can't be choosers.

    Seriously though, the woman is concentrated evil. You can tell by just looking at her eyes.

    I'll have to say though, the eurotechno remix of her preaching is quite fabulous. SÄG NEJ TILL SJÄLVMEDÖMKAN, WÄÄÄÄÄÄH.
  17. Thats just botox mate...
  18. popknark

    popknark Moderator

    By the way - I saw her live this weekend. But because of the fact that I was a bit too drunk I can't quite remember the whole thing, but she did a rather excellent mash up between 'Hard Rock Hallelujah' and 'Främling'. She should record it and have it as a b-side to her new single or something!
  19. A forty-year-old truly devoted Christian lady who believes that homosexuality indeed can be cured and who sings the most godawful Eurocheese known to G.A.Y.? Yes, I too believe that this must be the future of pop.


    "FÃ¥ngad av en stormvind" is not a guilty pleasure, it's simply a pleasure. Praise the Lord!
  20. haha! when you put it like that... i can see her limited appeal. but only because we're so far up our own arses in this country that a 40 year old singing pop is in some way indecent unless we already know them. look at Madonna - she still does it at her age!
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