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Carola shows them how it's done

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Scoodle, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. It's all percepation; European acts which have broken the UK have generally been novelty acts. – It’s shocking with a lot of people in the UK not knowing that countries like Sweden have there own music scene, I think a lot of people assume they just listen to UK & USA music only.

    Also I can't see Universal Music taking the risk with Carola in the UK, as % wise, she just doesn’t fit the mould.  (although I wish they would)
    Someone that sells 150,000 copies plus in a month in the Scandinavian countries must have some appeal worldwide???
  2. I can't really see why this topic was moved from the front page...I know she's a trashy Eurovision singer, but the thread itself is about Carola being amazing enough to stage dive at a little performance in the Stockholm summer. This is the sort of thing that SHOULD be in the main Pop and Justice forum surely.
  3. A lot of things that are currently on the front page shouldn't be there but they've got to start moving stuff at some point and this was one of the easier ones to move off. It wasn't really about her music or a new album or a new direction or anything either- like you say, it was about a performance which despite being amazing (and thanks to whoever started the thread and gave us the heads up) but she is a Eurovision artist first and foremost, moreso than, say, Lena Philipsson and numerous of the other people we discuss in the Eurovision section.
  4. You forgot to take your medicince again, honey.
  5. I think to classify Carola as "first and foremost" a Eurovision artist is unbelievably blinkered and totally sums up how ridiculous the UK perception of world music is.

    If Popjustice forum users can't even see past an artist entering Eurovision, how the hell are the general public supposed to?

    The woman's had a career spanning over 2 decades as a mainstream pop artist! Very disappointed to see her relegated here.

    Let's get back to wanking over Rachel Stevens shall we? She has, after all, sold a grand total of 10 albums.
  6. Hmm, Carola started her career with Eurovision, she then won Eurovision 8 years later and she recently attempted to again with a style of music largely associated with Eurovision.

    She is a great artist, she is far more talented than the likes of Rachel Stevens, has far more charisma than most of the American stars of the moment (Britney, Pink, Christina and Beyonce) and is rather more interesting.

    Unfortunately she has tied herself to Eurovision. She has almost used it to define her career. I have read that she doesn't sell so many records in Scandinavia anymore (I should imagine that's changed recently) but hsa remained well known largely for her schlager past.

    Don't get me wrong, I love schlager and would have loved to have seen "Ja ljuger sa bra" or "Idet ar imorgon" (spelling?) in the UK top 10, but, like "fetch" it's just not going to happen. But if "Lena Anthem" or "Delirium" were to be released, that would be a different matter...
  7. Lena Anthem is absolutly brilliant!!!
  8. 3 Songs out of 20 plus albums.  She had alot of Non-Eurovision success.

    I believe every album has gone gold, if not more. This is probably pointing to some of the stranger albums she's done, like the christmas albums.

    Yes it is!

    Carola VS Lena PH:,2789,849965,00.html

    Carola 17
    Lena PH 16
  9. I stand corrected! I shall berate my Swedish friends for telling me she was more a tabloid personality these days (although they have lived in the UK for a long time, so it makes sense that they've developed this misconception and passed it onto ignorant little me.)

    Sorry for the annoyance I caused!

    I still wish she'd won Eurovision this year, and I wish Invincible had been as good as Genom Allt. Gah! Maybe next time...
  10. Your right there, every time I see a tabloid Swedish paper there is a carola story. each one more strange or bizzare each time.
    but she's backing up with good sales (saying that Invincible chart run is shockingly bad)
  11. yeah, Invincible's not doing well but she did sell a lorry-load of Evighet CDs which is exactly the same song!
  12. Unfortunately tied herself to Eurovision?

    Relegated to Eurovision?

    If you don't like Eurovision, why are you in the Eurovision board? Such negativity...

  13. Where did it suggest that I don't like Eurovision please? When considering UK chart success Eurovision is generally a hindrance rather than a boon, so when talking about whether Carola could achieve UK success her being associated with Eurovision would be considered an unfortunate thing.

    This thread was initially discussing Carola and how she is a great talent and deserves to have ongoing international success, rather than local Scandinavian success and a once a year grasp at notoriety through Eurovision, so talk of her being relegated was in relation to her only being discussed on the Eurovision board rather than in the Pop and Justice forum. It was pointing out that her scope should be bigger than that.

    So no-one hates Eurovision, and no-one is being specifically negative about Eurovision.
  14. tommie

    tommie Guest

    If you compare the amazing sales of her 1983 album (770 000 copies!) and the most recent one (30 000 in two months), yes, she's losing a lot of sales.

    30 000 is still good by Swedish standards though.
  15. But the 1983 album was an absolute runaway, unprecendented success in Sweden. NO-ONE sells that many albums over there. She was one of the very few artists who have managed it. No international artists even sell that many records in Sweden these days. It's like saying Madonna's not successful because Confessions hasn't sold the same as the Immaculate Collection. Artists can't be expected to live up to those sort of sales everytime they release an album.
  16. 30,000 figure is rubbish! - she sold 60,000 by the first day in pre-orders/first day sales.
  17. tommie

    tommie Guest

    I took that figure from the Aftonbladet article, so blame them.
  18. When is the English album coming out?

    What will be on it? Is it an English version of Från nu till evighet?
  19. I loved Invincible - Wanted it so badly to win!
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