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Caroline Polachek – "Bunny Is A Rider"

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by A&E, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. This along with that rumored single for Charli in August; feed me moms!
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  2. Danny confirmed, going by his insta story.
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  3. My pangussy is ready.
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  4. Perched't.
  5. I was low key concerned that we would be waiting several more years for a follow up to Pang given how robust that album still feels as a body of work so I'm ridiculously excited to not only see that it's coming so soon and with this art direction? I can feel the heel hovering over my neck.
  6. Wasn't released in New Zealand still, so I guess they're pairing it with the video simultaneously.
  7. Exciting news, will be listening tonight
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  8. The song is already on Apple Music
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  9. This is so good.
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  10. I hated the verses the first time, but by the third play I'm ready for this to be my summer jam.
  11. But, I'm so non-physical
    I do, I do feel like the lady
    I do, I do, fireworks blazing
    I do, I do, heart isn't breaking
    I do, I do, but don't write my name
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  12. Oooh yes I love this!
  13. She’s such a spellbinding songwriter. From the title, I was indifferent but this is pretty fantastic. It feels like a natural step from Pang but familiar enough.

    Perfect little summer bop.
  14. I love this.

    The production feels dynamic in a way that helps it air on the right side of repetitive, particularly in the final stretch, but the the melodies are bulletproof across the board anyway so it breezes by. I don't know why I didn't see anything this light from her this go around but it suits her to a tee.
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  15. It’s not at all obvious but is still somehow totally instant. I love it.
  16. The way I've already got the phrase "bunny is a rider" stuck in my head. Her mind!
  17. "No sympathy." ~mmmHH~

    I love her strange little vocal noises. Iconic trademark.
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